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Unscheduled payroll in QBO

In QBO, is there a way to run an unscheduled payroll for one salaried employee for a previous pay period, using an amount other than his usual salary amount short of editing the employee record only to have to change it back afterwards.

QuickBooks Team

Unscheduled payroll in QBO

We can create an unscheduled check, CGB.


In doing this process, we have to take note that we can only create unscheduled checks for the current pay period back to pay periods dating 6 months ago. To keep your payroll taxes error-free, the only available check dates are the dates that fall before your next payday and after your last check date.


You can follow these steps:

  1. Select Workers from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Employees.
  3. Hit Run payroll.
  4. Choose the employee you want to pay.
  5. Select Create another check.
  6. Enter the necessary information.
  7. Select Preview Payroll, then click Submit payroll.
  8. Hit Finish payroll.

I've included articles below that will help you in tracking your payrolls and managing your business finances:

Feel comfortable to tag my name in the comment section if you need additional help in managing your payroll. It's always my pleasure to help.

Level 1

Unscheduled payroll in QBO

KentB, I do not have the option to 'create another check' for this particular employee, because he was never paid for the chosen pay period.

QuickBooks Team

Unscheduled payroll in QBO

There's an option to override the amount for a salaried employee, CGB. We can use that to create the previous period's paycheck for your employee.


Please note that we can only create paychecks for the previous payroll if the employe doesn't have a paycheck dated in the present payroll. If they do, you'll want to delete it first, and then recreate it right after creating the one for the previous payroll.


To create a paycheck with a different amount:

  1. Go to Workers, then select Employees.
  2. Select Run Payroll.
  3. Select the pay schedule of the employee. Then select Continue.
  4. Select the employee by clicking the checkbox before his name.
  5. Under Salary column, select the hyperlinked (color blue) dollar amount.
  6. Select adjust Salary this time only
  7. Enter the hours of unpaid time off. The number of hours is used to determine the amount. Please refer to this article: Override an employee's salary in Online Payroll.
  8. Then select Apply.


If you still need help with your employee's paycheck, you can always go back to this thread.

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