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voiding paychecks from a previous quarter

I already made the payroll tax deposit for the payroll that the paycheck was in, submitted the quarterly tax returns for the prior quarter and made the quarterly tax payments for the prior quarter.  I would like to void a paycheck for the prior quarter and have the all the adjustments appear in the new, current quarter (the employee's YTD earnings so that his W2 is correct at the end of the year and have the negative tax amounts appear in the current quarter). 

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QuickBooks Team

voiding paychecks from a previous quarter

Welcome to Community, @DD6200.


You can void your previous quarter's paycheck by following these steps:


  1. Go to Employees at the top, then Employee Center.
  2. Select the Transactions tab, then Paychecks.
  3. Change the Date drop-down to Last Calendar Quarter.
  4. Double-clicked the paycheck you want to void, then choose Void from the Delete drop-down (see image below).
  5. Hit Save & Close.

You can learn about voiding paychecks at this link here: Delete or void employee paychecks. I've also added this handy article about reducing paycheck wages for an employee who has been overpaid which I'm sure you'll find helpful. It has steps and information that'll guide you through the process.


That'll do it. Feel welcome to come back to this thread if you need help with anything else. We're always here to help. Take care and I wish you have a wonderful day ahead.


Level 1

voiding paychecks from a previous quarter

How does voiding a paycheck from a previous quarter effect the next quarterly filing?



voiding paychecks from a previous quarter

Thanks for reaching out, feliciacole1. I'm here to help you provide insights regarding the effect of voiding a previous paycheck.


The previous tax report's liability will be movedthus showing it as either underpaid or overpaid. If it's already filed, please check with the State or IRS if they can resend the payroll tax reports for correction. Otherwise, recreate the taxes for adjustments.


You may also want to visit Internal Revenue Service Payroll Tax Compliance to learn more details on tax forms, withholdings, unemployment and other tax, e-file and pay information, general state and agency information, and employer registration.


Also, check out these payroll liabilities-related articles for additional guide:

Keep me posted if you have any other payroll concerns. I'm always here to help you out.

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