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Lynn Y
Level 2

W2 printing

I bought preprinted forms for my W2s this year. When I check the alignment it is not correct. It is not something that is fixed with the alignment tool because the lines change down the form. The first W2 is too low and the second is too high. How do I fix this?

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W2 printing

Hi there, Lynn Y


Thanks for taking the time to reached out to us. I'm here to help and ensure to isolate this problem so you keep your QuickBooks up and running.


May I know where did you bought your W-2 forms? W2 Forms needs to be compatible with QuickBooks to ensure the correct alignment.


If it's from Intuit, look for the vendor code from your W-2 purchase it should be 0000/1030D. Once done, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Print W-2 and W-3 forms window.
  2. Go to Employees.
  3. Select Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
  4. Choose Process Payroll Forms.
  5. Select the W-2 Form from the list of forms.

  6. In the Process W-2s for options, select All Employees or select Employee's Last Name (choose From and To) to file by batch.
  7. In the SELECT FILING PERIOD section, in the Year field, enter the year of the form you are printing and click OK.
  8. In the Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 window, select the employees you are printing for. 
  9. Click Print/E-file. This will open the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window

Here's an article that provides additional troubleshooting options to resolve alignment issue: W-2 print test to check and adjust preprinted forms alignment.


You may also reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support Team if you need further assistance with the steps. They have additional tools to pull up your account and do a remote session.


Here's how you can get in touch with them:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click Payroll.
  3. Click View Contact Info.

Feel free to post any questions you have below. The Community is always here to help out.

Lynn Y
Level 2

W2 printing

Yes I bought them from Intuit. I am running quickbooks pro 2019. Never had this problem before. We do you find the vendor code? I think this is an intuit problem. Again the alignment does not solve the problem. The top form is too low and the bottom form is too high. If I raise it up the bottom one will be even higher. If I lower it the top one will be even lower. There is not enough separation between the 2 employee forms.  I don't want to reach out for service as that is a major time waster. I am probably going to solve this by only using the top form

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W2 printing

Hello Lynn,


Thanks for coming back with more details.


The PDF repair tool can also resolve alignment issues on your tax forms. Let's go ahead and install then run it. Please refer to this article for the complete steps: Troubleshoot PDF Problems.


Once done, print the W-2 form using a plain paper. If the alignment gets corrected, go ahead and print it using the pre-printed form. Otherwise, follow the instructions again provided above on how to align the forms.


Don't hesitate to post more questions. We're here to help. 

Level 2

W2 printing

I'm having the same issue as Lynn. We ordered our forms from Intuit (couldn't find this vendor code?) Tried the PDF repair tool - it didn't work. There's no way to adjust the preset alignment so that all the numbers print in their respective boxes. How do we fix this? The government frowns on information not being in the boxes. I've already ruined all of my forms because I trusted Intuit and Quickbooks to have this right.

Community Champion

W2 printing

I'd send the forms back and get a refund and then print the W-2's on plain paper.


QB will print W-2's on the red forms or on plain paper. Both styles can be filed with the SSA.  Both styles can be given to your employees.


There is no need to use the red drop out ink forms. There hasn't been for nearly two decades, since Intuit and other payroll providers worked with the SSA to develop a scan-able form that is printed on plain paper. 


Intuit continues to sell the red drop out ink forms anyway because they to make a lot of money selling them.

Level 2

W2 printing

Thanks! I might do that.


I was able to fix it on my end - it occurred to me that Quickbooks might not be communicating with our default pdf reader (Foxit), so I switched it Adobe and that seems to have solved the issue. I don't understand why that would be a problem, but there you go. Hopefully that might help out at least a few other folks having this issue.

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