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What is NY DTF?

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Re: What is NY DTF?

New York State Department of Tax & Finance


If  you're seeing it as an ACH withdrawal from your checking, it's a tax payment.  Possibly your NYS Sales Tax, but it could be some other tax that NYS is grabbing.

QuickBooks Team

Re: What is NY DTF?

Pleased to have you here, @wcba2017.


@Pete_Mc is correct! Allow me to share additional details about the New York State Department of Tax & Finance (NY DTF) and how to set it up your New Your State tax information in QuickBooks Online.


New York State Department of Tax & Finance (NY DTF) is the tax agency that manages and collects tax revenues to support New York State services and programs.


To set up your state tax, here's how:

  1. Add your New York employee's information.
  2. Set up New York State Tax Information.
    1. Go to Gear icon.
    2. Select Payroll Settings.
    3. Choose State Taxes-NY under Taxes column.
    4. Fill in your NY Withholding  and SUI information.
    5. Click Ok.

That should do it! Keep me posted if you have other questions about your managing your State taxes in QuickBooks Online. I’m always here to lend a hand. Have a great ahead!

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Re: What is NY DTF?

It might be Payroll, but be careful to check before you start entering anything.  The withdrawal may not actually have anything to do with Payroll.  I have multiple clients that have no payroll, but have NYS DTF withdrawals ever month.  


I see Sales Tax the most, but here are some other very common non payroll ones:

- Sales Tax: NYS DTF SALES

- Withholding Tax: NYS DTF WT

- Personal Income Tax: NYS DTF PIT

- Assesment/Bill Payment: NYS DTF BILL PYT


My old link doesn't work anymore, so maybe they renamed it.  This link takes you to what looks like a full list and appears to be so you have the code to give to your bank to make sure the payment isn't blocked on a Debit Card.  But all the regular ones I see hit checking accounts are there : NYS DTF Payment Block Codes


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