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Void or cancel contractor payments

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

Learn when and how to fix a contractor payment. You can cancel or void paper or direct deposit payments after they’re submitted.

Need to delete or void an employee paycheck or direct deposit? See Delete or void paychecks after they’re sent.

Should I void or delete a payment?

  • Delete a payment: This removes the payment from your records. You can delete payments if you haven't sent your payments to us yet.
  • Void a payment: This changes your payment dollar amount to zero. You may need to make adjustments to balance your books. This doesn't stop a direct deposit from processing and doesn't return funds to you. You may not be able to void payments already offloaded or processed.

Delete or void contractor payment

Depending on your processing time and product, you may be able to delete or void a payment.

Choose your service below for steps on how to cancel your payments.

Note: Don't know which payroll service you're using? Find out which payroll service you have.

Delete or void processed direct deposit payments

If the direct deposit payment has been processed, you can no longer void, cancel, or delete the transaction. However, you can Create a Journal Entry to offset a contractor's direct deposit transaction amount.

Delete or void unprocessed direct deposit payments or non-direct deposit payments

  1. Go to Expenses, then Vendors.
  2. Select your contractor.
  3. Look for the payment you want to delete or void, then select View/Edit.
  4. Select Delete or Void.
  5. Select Yes to confirm changes.

Step 1: Void contractor payments

  1. Select the Vendor menu, then select Vendor Center.
  2. From the Vendors tab, select the vendor name.
  3. From the Transactions tab, double-click the check you want to void.
  4. Right-click the check image and select Void. After your void the paycheck, a notation is included in the Memo field, and the net amount of the check is 0.00.

Step 2: Send the voided payments

  1. Select the Employees menu, then select Send Payroll Data.
  2. Select Send All.
  3. Enter your PIN, then select OK.

Reverse a contractor direct deposit payment

If you accidentally paid your contractor twice or paid the wrong contractor, you may be able to request a direct deposit to get the money back.  

Returned contractor payments

If the contractor's direct deposit payment has been returned, you can Create a Journal Entry to void this transaction in your QuickBooks Online. The funds will be posted back to your bank account, and then you can resend the direct deposit payment or hand a paper check to your contractor.

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