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Is Quickbooks Mac 2021 compatible with MacOS Big Sur yet?

Does QB for Mac 2021 work with Big Sur yet?  I have waited all these months to update to Big Surprise just because of QB (since I've used it long enough to know it takes months for Intuit to get their act together!), but there are several posts starting months ago and without reading through many long threads, I didn't see if it officially is now supported.


Just looking for a quick yes or no.


Thanks in advance!

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Is Quickbooks Mac 2021 compatible with MacOS Big Sur yet?

Hello, @pelvicore


It's my pleasure to provide insights about Big Sur in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) for Mac. 


Yes, the QBDT for Mac 2021 is now compatible with macOS Big Sur including the 2020 and 2019. You can now update your account by following the steps above. 


  1. From the QuickBooks▼ dropdown, select Check for QuickBooks Updates.
  2. Click Install Update.
  3. Choose Install and Relaunch if prompted.
  4. Press Cmd+1 to verify the version and release. 


You may check out this article: Intuit’s support policy for QuickBooks for Mac running on macOS 11 Big Sur.


If QuickBooks won't launch after updating, I'd recommend manually download the latest release. Before doing that, make sure to check the minimum system requirements to ensure you can download smoothly. 


Once done, you can now follow the steps below on how to download/install: 


  1. Go to our Intuit's download site. 
  2. Choose the version, then hit Search.
  3. Tap Download
  4. Double-click the downloaded installer or insert the disc into the Mac CD drive. 
  5. Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Applications folder. 


For more information about the process, check out this article: Install and set up QuickBooks Desktop for Mac


Please browse through these articles below to know the changes, improvements, and fixes that were made to QBDT Mac.



Let me know if you have other questions on this matter. I'm always here to help. Take care!

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