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Retrieve file from Thumb drive

I have Quick Books Pro Desktop 2018. I had an issue with my company, so I downloaded my file to a thumb drive and gave it to my CPA.  He fixed the issue and saved it to my thumb drive.  However, when I went to restore the file I got two-(2) messages:  1) "You can open this company file only in Quick Books Enterprise Solutions"; and 2) This is a "Read Only" file. 


I guess my CPA has a different Quick Books version other than mine.  How can I retrieve this file back into my Quick Books Desktop Pro 2018?+

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Retrieve file from Thumb drive

Let's address and get rid of these error messages one at a time, Wolfman8135.


The first error message can occur if you're trying to open an Enterprise file to a lower QuickBooks Desktop version (Pro or Premier). Once you or your accountant opens your file to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, there's no going back.


We can restore your backup file in QuickBooks Desktop Pro prior to giving it to your accountant. However, any changes your accountant did won't be there.

  1. Open QuickBooks and click the File menu.
  2. Select Open or Restore Company....
  3. Restore your backup file. You can use this article for more information: Restore Your File.

I'd recommend letting your accountant know about your QuickBooks Desktop version. So he/she can update your file using the same version you have. 


The second error message can occur when you replace your company file with backup or portable company file. We have more than one solution to fix this. You can refer to this article for the detailed steps of each solutions: Message - This File is Set to Read-Only, When Restoring a Backup or Portable File.


Let me know how this goes. I'll be around to further help you.

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