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Accountant copy

My file is over 200mb to send to my accountant through the file transfer.  I created a flash drive accountant copy and did not have an option to set user and password.  My accountant can not open the file.  Is there a default user and pasword for the accountant copy?  If not how to I give access to the files?

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Accountant copy

When you file is that large, you might want to consider condensing old data if you have no need to access it often.  You will be forced to create a back-up copy before condensing.


I do not use the QB file transfer, nor do I want my clients to send me back-ups or accountant's copies.  You need a file transfer service that your account also has.  I use Remote Accounting Service.  Have been using this for 15 years without issues.  All of my clients transfer files this way and the cost is $15 month per user if used and zero if no transfers occur.  There is a set-up cost that your accountant will have to pay to initiate the service.

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