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Level 1

Accountants copy

I have created an accountants copy for our CPA with dividing date 12-31-18.  I'm trying to set up new jobs, but QB won't let me because I'm in the accountants copy.  How do I get around this?  Accountants copy will be open for a month, but I have to be able to set up jobs in the mean time.

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Kristine Mae

Accountants copy

Good day, KC5410.


If you'll add transactions in QuickBooks, you'll have to remove the accountant's copy restriction and create another copy for your accountant. You can also enter the transactions in Excel, then import it in the software. 


Here's how to remove the restriction:

  1. Click File, then go to Send Company File.
  2. Choose Accountant's Copy.
  3. Click Client Activities, then choose Remove Restrictions.

If you need our help, you can reach out to us anytime. 

Level 15

Accountants copy

You are supposed to be working in the Regular file under restrictions, not "in the accountant's copy." If you are working in the Accountant's Copy, you are in the wrong file. That's the one to Send, not to use.


You should be able to add Jobs and other info that is Later than your Divided date. What you cannot do is add historically dated activity to that file, such as Add Job with a backdated Estimate. Or, Add Job and Invoice for a prepayment dated in Dec.

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