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Accounts payable

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When I run an Accounts Payable report there are several old entries that I would like to remove because they are unnecessary and make the AR total incorrect.

As an example I have a JE from 12/31/2019

   Accounts Payable 1000.00 CR

   Inventory 1000.00 DB


This accrued an AP for inventory that we had in stock, but not yet received bills.  I realize I should have entered a BILL for this vendor, but I was new to QBO and didn't know.

The bills that actually made up the $1000 have been entered and paid since then.


In Accounts Payable report, this $1000 appears in the ageing and I would like to clear it out.  

I could make a reversing JE, but I don't see any way to "apply" that to the original JE.

How can I clear out old JE's like this?



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Accounts payable

bring up the journal entry on screen, use the more button/link at the bottom and select delete

Level 1

Accounts payable

Rustler,  thanks but I am wary of that solution.  This was accrued in a prior quarter so when I go back and refer to financial reports they will not match with the originals.

I'm looking for some kind of solution that will not change historic transactions.

Level 1

Accounts payable

Did you ever get an answer to your question? I am in the exact same situation. I need to remove the AP balance as it is no longer outstanding, but I don't want to affect the AJE that I recorded in the prior period because it matches my issued financial statements. Would love to hear any resolution of this issue. Thanks. 

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