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Adding Invoices and Deposits as one

How do I make sure QuickBooks desktop is not adding my revenue twice? When the invoice is logged, the amount is recorded as a revenue, the issue I am having is that, the deposits is also recorded as a revenue.
1. How do I make sure the invoice is not counted twice?

2. How do i count previous invoice and deposit as one

QuickBooks Team

Adding Invoices and Deposits as one

Thank you for dropping your question here in Community, @Gods.


I know how it is important to keep track of your recorded transactions in QuickBooks. Combining your invoice and deposit is not possible. The process of recording your transactions is you create an invoice next, record an invoice payment/receive payment and then record deposit.


To avoid duplicate invoices in your QuickBooks, here’s what to do.


  1. Go to receive the payment page.
  2. Select the invoice.
  3. Click Discount and Credit.
  4. Select the Credits tab.
  5. Then select the deposit and click Done. From there your invoice will be marked as paid.


For your future reference, I’ll be leaving you an article on how to deposit payments into undeposited funds account. Deposit payments into the Undeposited Funds account in QuickBooks Desktop.



Let me know if you have any questions. Have a good day!

Community Champion

Adding Invoices and Deposits as one

It sounds like you're recording income on both the invoice and the deposit.  As you note that's an issue.


Instead, do this:

1. Create the invoice.

2. When your customer pays you, record a Payment type transaction and apply it to the invoice.

3. When you deposit the Payment , include it in a new Deposit type transaction.


When you do this, only the invoice will include income.

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Adding Invoices and Deposits as one

Thanks. I will give it a try

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