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Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Using Quick-books online

My company gets payroll automatically deducted from our bank account each week. Instead of having multiple transactions, they take the whole sum out at once. I have been allocating this by doing a split transaction where i detail on each line what employee got paid what amount until its all accounted for.  for example:

- Category: Payroll expense; Description: Jane Doe ; amount $520.00


But on all my reports these ACH/eft charges fall under unspecified vendor because there is no one vendor I am able to allocate to. Is there actually a way I can selected multiple vendors when allocating this? Or is how i've been doing it the way it just is. 

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Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Hi there, @ashleyapmachining. T


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the QuickBooks Community for support. I hope you're enjoying the day so far. 


At this time, expenses can only be allocated to one vendor/payee. I understand how having the option to choose more than one vendor/payee would be beneficial for you and your business, so I've gone ahead and submitted this suggestion to our Product Development Team. This way, our developers can consider this feedback for a future update. 


Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always around to lend a hand. Take care! 

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Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

I am having a similar issue.  The difference is that my Payroll EFT includes both Employee Payroll and Owner draw.  I need to be able to split the transactions so that I can account for Owner Draw amounts and Payroll amounts.  Is there a way to do this with OB Online?


Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Yes, there's a way to split your payroll EFT transaction in QuickBooks Online (QBO), Bmiller1250. I'll walk you through the steps below.


You can split your EFT between the owner draw and employee payroll, depending on whether you've documented both transactions. If you already do so, you'll want to match them to the downloaded bank data so you don't get duplicates. Here's how:


  1. Go to Transactions, then select Bank transactions.
  2. Choose the tile for the account you want to review.
  3. Select the For review tab.
  4. Find a downloaded EFT record.
  5. Select the downloaded record to expand the view and review the Matching records found section.
  6. Click the link next to each match to get more details. 
  7. Cose the open record and select Match.


If you haven't yet entered the owner draw and employee payroll in QBO, you can split your downloaded EFT to account for their amounts. Before doing so, please note that you can only select or enter one name in the Paid To field. Here's how:


  1. In the For Review tab, select the EFT transaction to expand the view. If the option in the Action column is Match, change the Find match to Categorize.
  2. Select Split (Accountant view) or Split transaction next to Category (Business view), which opens the Split transaction window.
  3. From Category, select the categories you want to split the transaction into.
  4. Enter an Amount for each split.
  5. Select a Vendor or Customer name for each split. Note: The fieldname may vary depending on the transaction.
  6. When you're done, select Apply and accept.


Additionally, we encourage you to reconcile your accounts regularly (monthly). This way, you can monitor your income and expenses accordingly. 


I'm all ears if you have other banking concerns or questions about managing payroll and employee transactions in QBO. You can drop a comment below, and I'll gladly help.

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Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Thank you very much for your quick response.  When I follow the step you have for "Split Transaction" I only see one "Pay to" selection at the top, and I can not select a Vendor or Customer for each line of the split.

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Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Here is a screenshot of what I see when I select split transaction.  Thank you again for your assistance.


Allocating EFT payroll line items to different vendors

Hi there, Bmiller1250.


Thanks for getting back to us. I'm here to help ensure you can split your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


I appreciate you providing a screenshot. If you're still unable to choose a Vendor or Customer for each line of the split after following the steps outlined by my colleague, I strongly recommend reaching out to our Support team. They have the necessary tools to securely access your account and investigate the cause of this unusual behavior. If needed, they can also carry out additional troubleshooting steps.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. In QBO, go to Help (?) at the top right.
  2. Select a suggested option, or type a question or topic you need help with.
  3. select Contact Us and choose a way to connect with us.


To check for our Support hours, refer to this article: QuickBooks Online Support.


I'm also adding these articles that tackle managing online banking in QBO for future reference:



Please leave a comment below if you have additional questions about online banking or anything else, Bmiller1250. I'm more than willing to assist. Take care.

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