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Bring back Mark as Paid... I don't want to "Schedule a Payment"!

I want the Mark as Paid button to be the first thing I see.  Not the Melio Schedule a payment.  I click that so many times then curse out QBO.


It is a simple solution... make the button be a "remember the last choice" feature.  So the people who want to use Mark as Paid or Schedule a payment don't have to waste time click the wrong thing.  Especially when the thing take forever to load the page that I am only going to hit cancel on and then have to wait for the page to refresh all over again.




Also, the fact that I am told by Intuit customer service that I have to contact Melio directly to fix a problem within Intuits program is INSANE!  I pay Intuit not Melio.  Who the hell gave Melio the right to hijack my account... I sure as hell did not.

Level 8

Bring back Mark as Paid... I don't want to "Schedule a Payment"!

@SALM, I could NOT agree more!!  The control that Intuit thinks they need is outragou!

And, like you stated, Who gave Melio the  approval to have ANY type of access to my account?  It didn't come from me, that's for sure. 

QuickBooks Team

Bring back Mark as Paid... I don't want to "Schedule a Payment"!

Hello there, @SALM,


 I appreciate you for airing out your feedback regarding the new feature of making payments in QuickBooks Online.


As part of the ongoing endeavor to explore new ways to help small businesses manage their outgoing payments more easily, Intuit has partnered with Melio to make online bill payments as seamless as possible.

If you want to pay your bills manually, you can follow the steps below:


  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Schedule Payment.
  2. Then, select Mark as paid.


Please know that we’re taking notes of all your feedback to help us understand how the add-on service has been working for you. That way, we can improve our services.


You may check out this article for your additional reading and understanding about schedule payment: Understanding payment schedules.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I am always here to help. Keep safe.

Level 2

Bring back Mark as Paid... I don't want to "Schedule a Payment"!

Hi ,


I get it, and when I remember that I have to do that, I do it... but you should be able to have the option to turn off a feature you are not using!!  At least make the drop down menu like they are for "save & new" or "save & close"... which ever I select is remembered for the remaining time I am doing that task.  To me that sounds like a simple fix and would stop the numerous people who are complaining about this dumb default feature.  And people have EVERY RIGHT to complain about it!!


Also, I have contacted Melio (numerous times).... and have yet to hear back from them!!  Great partnership you (QBO) have there!  Someone didn't do their homework on that one!  No way am I going to give them my banking information if they can't even reply back to me in a timely matter.


QBO really should listen to the people who actually pay for this service... that would just be smart business.  But, hey what do I know.  I use the program everyday in the real world... have you used the program in a real environment?  I am going to say probably not, because if you did then you would completely understand everyone's frustration with it!!


P.S. Please take note that my frustration is not with you directly, you are doing your job and I totally get that... it's with the overall company (QBO).  So I apologize in advance if you feel that I am attacking you... please don't take it that way.  Have a great day!!

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