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Bug with file on remote server

I just installed the QB 2019 for Mac update v18.0.7 R8 and I'm now just having problems with keeping my file on our remote server.   I get the error in the picture attached.  I'm definitely not low on space on that server volume and I'm connected to it via our wired LAN.


After the error and it requests that I save in a new location.  I go to save it in the same location and It bumps out to the log in screen.  It doesn't ask to overwrite the old file and it seems to not save anything I had just done.


I can also tell use there were some issues with the last revision as well.  Specifically, it would often pause and give the spinning ball of death for a minute or so before continuing.  I figured it was part of the auto save function and It was communicating with the file on the remote server.  However I always thought this was weird since as I stated I'm connected to that server via Wired LAN with less than 50' of CAT6 cable.


My Desktop Machine is

iMac 2017, MacOS 10.15.5

Server is

Synology RS217, DSM 6.2.3-25426, with 1.17 TB free


QB 2019 for Mac  v18.0.7 R8 


Bug with file on remote server

Hello @L2Marc,


The error message prompt can be related to the current folder where you saved your company file. Let's determine the location of your company file and move it to your desktop so you can start working with it.

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Find the latest copy of your company.
  3. Click and move it to your desktop.

In addition, here's an article you can read to learn more: Restore your backup company file for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Lastly, I've got you this helpful article for ideas about how you can manage your account and related transactions: Help Articles for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Keep me posted in the comments if you have any other questions. I'll be here to help.

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Bug with file on remote server

Hello JonpriL,


That's a fine workaround, and got me up and running but it creates more issues.   First there are 2 of us that access the file, and that's the primary reason we keep it on the server and not on one of our machines.  Second our server is set up to do backups both onsite and offsite, so keeping the file on my machine creates issues with that automation.  Third, I bookkeep for 4 different company files, each located in different folders on that server.  I haven't yet checked if they all have the same issue, but if they do you can see how this compounds my problem.


Do we know why QB is having this issue after the update?  My folder permissions are all correct.


Thank you for your help.



QuickBooks Team

Bug with file on remote server

I'm glad to see you here in Community, @L2Marc.


Have you done the update through the sever? This may cause the setting configuration to go back to its default. You can move the file and do the update on another computer, once the update is done, move it back to the server.


To move your company file, here's how:

  1. You need to have a portable drive or a flash drive.
  2. Go to File, choose Back Up Company then Create Local Back up.
  3. Select the Local back up radio button, then Next.
  4. Click Browse and look for your portable drive then click Ok.
  5. A pop-up window will appear select Use this Location.
  6. Choose Save it now, click Next then Save.

You can now restore it on another computer and perform the update. Once done, restore it back to the server.


I also include this article that can guide in performing the update: Update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Please let me know if I can be an additional help. I'm always here and you can tap me anytime. Have a good day, and stay safe.

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Bug with file on remote server

If I'm following your thought process, it seems to have worked.  Instead of going through the whole create a local backup and restore within QB, I did the old drag and drop on my Mac.  I copied the company file to the machine that has the updated version of QB running.  I then opened that file, performed a few actions, closed it, then copied that file back to the server.  


I was then able to open the file from the server and seemed to have no problems running from the server.


I performed this process on company file #2 and it worked as well.


It seems the new version of QB updates the company file in a way that is not compatible with remote access until has run it's process once.


I will post if I find any other issues.

Thank you



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Bug with file on remote server



More issues.  When I returned to my 1st company file, which happens to be the biggest (longest running, most data).  I received that same error again.  I let QB make a backup on my desktop and it promptly opened it.  I then thought maybe there was some issue with the data that is preventing it from working properly off the remote server.  


I performed a verify data and it failed.  I tried to do a rebuild and it failed.  those error messages are attached.


I'm able to open the local copy of the file and I've done a backup, however you link to restoring from a backup doesn't work for QB for Mac for there is no radio button to restore when selecting open from the file menu.

I also could not find a way to restore from a backup on QB for Mac


Please advise.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.03.15 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.13.22 PM.png

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Bug with file on remote server

More info


I managed to figure out the restore process for QB for Mac.  You have to open the disk image and transfer the file manually, then open the new file.  That is fine.  


I did all that with the latest version of that file on the server.  It opened fine.  I did a verify data and got that low space error again...


The file is only 78MB.  I'm not sure the issue.


Is there a way to return to the last update of QB of Mac.  I've spent much too much time trying to solve this problem with the new update.


QuickBooks Team

Bug with file on remote server

Hey there, L2Marc.


Glad to have you in the QuickBooks Community. If you're still having issues with the company file, you can always reach out to our support team, Contact Support.  I'm here as well to help. Simply reply below to contact us.

Level 1

Bug with file on remote server

an update for the community


I called customer service twice.  Both time the reps were nice and willing to work with me to try to solve the issue.  Once call lasted almost 2 hours.  In the end, it was not solved.


We tried rebuilding my company files.  We tried a clean install of the program.  We tried clearing recents.  We tried restoring from a backup that was before I updated to the latest version.    They now want me to send my file to them to be "fixed" however, I have not done so since it has been happening on multiple company files and as I said only started occurring with the latest update.  Plus in my own testing it seem that everything works find if the company file is on the same machine as the program is running.  


This leads me to believe they have a networking issue, perhaps a time out issue, which is weird since my remote files are in house on a fast wired LAN.  What do we know?  This issue began with the latest update.  Previous updates I had noticed a lag where about every 5 minutes or so working within a file I would experience the spinning beach ball for 30 seconds sometimes more.  This occurred most often when it was searching to quick fill transactions.


I do hope they look into their code a bit.  I've been using quicken and quickbooks for over 20 years.  As a small business owner they have been great to allow me to do my own bookkeeping while being able to run excellent business reports for my accountant and banks. The COGS functionality leave a bit to be desired.


As for my problem.  My next testing, when I have time, will be to see if keeping the file remotely on a MacOS system has the same issues.  We have a mac mini in the rack as well as the Synology that I can test to.


I will update the community as I find out more.  Or if they patch it.

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Bug with file on remote server

2020-07-02 update:


I saw they pushed out another update R8.1 so I was excited to try it and see if it solved my issue.  I was disappointed at first because I ran into the same error, low disk space for updating company file.  So I did try to host the file on a Mac Mini in the same server rack connected by our LAN.  I didn't seem to have any issues, but I did notice something interesting.  As I was looking at my finder to watch QB create it's temporary files, I noticed that the finder showed me as disconnected from the Synology, even though I was able to see files and use them in multiple programs.  


This led me to think that maybe there was a network communication error between my iMac and the Synology.  I tried reconnecting via the finder but it would not let me, so I restarted the iMac and then was able to reconnect to the Synology and it now shows the normal "Connected as:" in the finder.   Starting QB and using the file located on the Synology, the file seems to be stable once again.


I'm not sure if the R8.1 update helped because I do still get a bit of a beach ball lag occasionally, but I do now think that perhaps even though I was connected but not "officially logged in" to the Synology the problem probably stemmed from a permissions error between the Synology and the iMac, the Synology thinking no user was logged in for saving the temp files but the iMac still being able to access the files in that folder that already exist.


If anyone has seen this type of networking error I would be interested in hearing about it and knowing what causes it.


take care.

Level 1

Bug with file on remote server



I spoke too soon.  While I was writing that post, I had QB in the background and as I returned to it to continue my book keeping that error pops up again.


Checking the finder I am shown as connected to the Synology correctly.


I'm at a loss.   I don't know if the error is within QB or in the networking between the iMac or Synology, but I do know the only other networking issue I've had between the iMac and Synology is that if I'm working on a file say in PDF viewer or Pages that lives on the Synology, it will occasionally not autosave changes, and force me to save the file on the iMac which I then manually transfer back to the Synology.

QuickBooks Team

Bug with file on remote server


We don’t want you to experience this inconvenienced, @L2Marc.


If you are in a multi-user set up, here are some troubleshooting steps that will help you resolved this issue.



If the network settings on your computer or QuickBooks Server computer change, you’ll have to check it to ensure that QuickBooks Server is sharing the company file.


  1. Select System Preferences
  2. Select Network. 
  3. If your settings are correct, close the window. If you need to make updates, make your changes then select Apply.


You can check this article for more detailed information. Troubleshoot multi-user issues.


I also recommend getting in touch with your personal IT so they can guide and check if it is a networking problem between iMac or Synology.


Feel free to leave a comment below if you need further assistance. Keep safe.


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