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Can't access company file through mobile app

I can login to my QBO company through the web or using the desktop app on both windows and mac no problem.  But all of a sudden, I can't login through the mobile app on my phone.  I have updated to the latest version of the app and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Nothing helps.  It just keeps taking me to a page that says "Unfortunately, there is no QuickBooks Online company associated with:  email address."  Which is patently ridiculous because i can login everywhere else using that email address.  Also, I don't a subscription to QB Self-Employed...I've got the right app.


Can someone help?

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Can't access company file through mobile app

Hi there, @bradleystout.


I appreciate you trying to resolve this by uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app. Allow me to help route you to our Online Support to isolate this issue further.


Since we don't have any reported issue about this unusual behavior, I'd suggest getting a callback from our phone support. They have the necessary tools to dig deeper into what's causing this issue.


Here's how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks account using the website. Go to Help and select Contact us to connect with a live support agent.
  2. Type in your question.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select Get a callback.
  5. Add in your contact details to get a callback from our representatives.



I'm sure this will be taken care of. If you have additional questions about your mobile app, please don't hesitate to reach out again. I'll be here to help.


Level 2

Can't access company file through mobile app

I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out a resolve for this issue which I started by trying to contact a live agent and now have come full circle without a solution. I’m a ProAdvisor who in the past has had no problem accessing client company files through the QuickBooks Accountant Mobile App by signing in and switching with no problems for a long time. When clients call I need to be able to access their company and help them from my through the app. A few  months ago when I tried to do this using my iPhone like always with the app I was able to sign in but when switching to clients a box pops up which says

Problem Signing In

We can’t find the email or password you entered - with a gray button under it to clear that box says Try Again. It takes you back to select the company again and the box pops up again for you to click Try Again... Again so I clicked on my company name and it opens. I then go to switch and ... Try Again. When I contacted support the agent asked me to delete app and reinstall but it did not fix the problem so he said since it seems like I’m the only one with the problem I’m just going to need to use QuickBooks online sign in and not the app going forward which isn’t a solution. It doesn’t work on the mobile device. A main selling point of the online products is being mobile at all times and that I can help my clients viewing anything from the wherever whenever. This function isn’t working and hasn’t worked for me for a while and when I describe QBO to prospects I have an issue with saying and can not tell them they can access their account at anytime from all their mobile devices.  I’ve been passed around and told there is nothing that can be done but this is what we are paying for and so there has to be a solution. Being able to access and be mobile is one of the main reasons we all bought into the QuickBooks Online products which we are paying for and if it’s not working we need to feel confident that a member of the QuickBooks team is working to resolve the issue and its fixed so we are getting what we are subscribed to as well as what our clients have been offered and are also paying regardless of how many people are having the problem. Please don’t pass me off to someone else if you can figure this out for us and send a solution that would be great. If this has been resolved which I have not been able to find in my countless hours of searching and trying to fix on my own over the last months can you please share it. Thank you. 

Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

Can't access company file through mobile app

If the same thing happened to me, I'd feel the same way as you, CMJKH.


I've checked all our records and saw an on-going investigation. Customers are getting the same error message via iPhone. Our engineers are still investigating about the issue. While they do that, we have a workaround that you can try so you can get back to business. Here's how:

  1. Force-close the QBO application.
  2. Reopen it again, then sign in.

I know you've called in before, but I still suggest getting in touch with our customer care support so they can add you to the list of affected users. You'll receive an email notification once a fix is applied. Just follow the steps my colleague posted above.


Visit us anytime if you have other concerns. Have a good day! 

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