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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app


When trying to edit an invoice on the App I get an error code and it will not save. Please see attached file. I have called QuickBooks customer support no less than 12 times and been told I need to talk to Tier 3 department, which may or may not exist. Customer support says they don't not have a phone number or email to contact them, weird.. 

I am not having any problems with the QuickBooks online via a computer or QuickBooks on a mobile device through a browser. Only the app.

I am not having any problems with any other functions through the QuickBooks app that I am aware of. I can create and invoice and save it though the app, however when you try to go back into the invoice and add another item it gives you the error code once you click save


Uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the mobile android device. No luck

Installing the app on a different android mobile device. No luck

Clearing the data and the Cache on the mobile device through the phone settings. No luck


Any help would be greatly appreciated since QuickBooks support seems to be a lost cause.

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QuickBooks Team

Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

Thanks for keeping us updated,@Rkolibaba.


I appreciate all the efforts that you've exhausted to get this working.


At this time, I'd recommend getting in touch with our technical support. This way, we'll be able to pull up your account in a secure environment and run a series of tests and investigate why you're experiencing this issue. Here's how to connect with us: 

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Go to the Help (?) icon.
  3. Click Contact Us.
  4. Enter "can't update invoice" in the description, then select Let's talk.
  5. Choose Start a chat or Get a callback.


As a workaround, I suggest updating your invoice through desktop browser and mobile browser.


I also encourage checking out our support hours first to ensure that we address your concerns on time. 


In case you encounter some errors, you can check out the solutions in this article: Fix common errors in the QuickBooks Online mobile app for Android.


 If you have other questions about QuickBooks soon, just let me know by adding a new post below. I'll be around to assist you as soon as possible.

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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

I have done the "Help" button 10 times. It is no help at all. 

I would love to talk to technical support,  why don't  you have them call me...but Quickbooks does not call people to resolve issues. The people who "Chat" or answer the "Call me" are no help what so ever.


"As a workaround, I suggest updating your invoice through desktop and browser."

This does not work for me as I am a Mobile diesel mechanic. 


I understand you are trying to respond to a post as soon as possible to make it look like your trying to help, but if you really wanted to help you would actually look into my problem and not explain to me how to click on the "help" button, which is no help.



Better yet look into case number 1578758038 and forward it to technical support






Mr Next Era
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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

I'm having the same EXACT issue. This same issue happened couple years ago. Unfortunately it's like a server issue in my opinion. This is why I have my Android aswell as an Iphone. Sometimes Iphone has issues. This time it's a little different because invoices, items etc can be made, error occurs while attempting to Edit. And yes it was an issue before the update on 3/21/22. Updated my Z-Fold, clear cache, Optimized App Data, masters reset phone, nothing works. It's ONLY the Invoice Edit an issue. Calling doesn't help either. Definitely a developer level issue that needs some attention. I work on my Android because QB on Android is more dynamic as far as searching, invoice editing compared to Apple or desktop. With this issue present, it is really slowing down my billing process. 

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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

I have to assume this was an update that either Quickbooks did or one of the mystery pushed out updates that happen to this Samsung Android phone occasionally that hose up various functions.


Works fine on desktop version and on the iPhone we sometimes also have on hand. Unfortunately "the boss" uses the Android and is not pleased with out unprofessional this makes him look when standing in the field with a customer.


I hope Quickbooks online gets this solved quickly!


Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

We've been alerted about the error on the mobile app, Mikes_RV_Towing.


Our Product Team has been working to find a permanent fix so you can edit again an invoice. For now, we recommend accessing your QuickBooks Online account via a mobile browser.


Or log in to your QuickBooks account on supported browsers on your computer or laptop, and edit invoices from there. Check out this link to know what device and browse to use: System requirements for QuickBooks Online.


I'm also adding this link to help manage your company's income: Sales and customers. It provides related articles to guide your business needs.


Don't hesitate to post again of you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'm always around to help you.

Patriot Laundry
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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

I have the EXACT same issue across any device I log in with. I have tried both of my tablets, my wife's phone and a friend's phone. This IS a QuickBooks issue! NOT an Android issue. QuickBooks better get it fixed fast too. I am already shopping other providers, I use this function on almost every invoice. 

Mr Next Era
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Cant update invoice through QuickBooks mobile app

Update for Android available Today! Issue is finally fixed 🙌🏽 APP is up and running better than ever. Tear in my eye,  hehehe

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