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Client reimbursed expenses

I am a sole proprietor and I have a regular client that pays for my meals and mileage when I work for them. This can sometimes be fairly substantial, a month or more at a time.  I provide the client with all the original receipts and a client provided form, then I am reimbursed.  Initially I was recording the meals and mileage as "expenses" incurred by me, creating a "reimbursable expenses group" and using this to account for the money in.  The expenses would still show up as being incurred by me, which seems wrong as they were fully reimbursed, x dollars out = x dollars in.  Is there another way to account for the money?  If it isn't an expense, and it isn't an income, what is it? Am I over thinking, or under thinking  this?  Thanks in advance.

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Client reimbursed expenses

Easy way to think about business, is what you pay is an expense (or an asset purchase) and what you are paid is income


book your expenses, book the amount received, then on the P&L income is reduced by expense

so if they are the same they cancel each other

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