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Connecting Square with Quickbooks

We just bought an existing small business and we have lots of experience with different point of sale systems and with Quickbooks. This is the first time we have used square as our main point of sale and I would like to connect it to Quickbooks so that our daily sales information is automatically imported from Square into Quickbooks. It seems straight forward but I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks, advice or recommendations regarding this.

FYI were a small coffee shop and we're using Quickbooks Online.



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QuickBooks Team

Connecting Square with Quickbooks

Welcome to Community, mariadwyer.


Allow me to share some information about connecting Square with QuickBooks Online.


When you connect Square to QuickBooks Online, it will automatically import your Square sales invoices, taxes, tips, and discounts. Here's an article that you might find helpful in learning more about connecting QBO to Square: Connect your QuickBooks Online to Square.


The square app is a third-party application that can be integrated with QuickBooks Online (QBO). That said, it is best to contact their support for further tips and recommendations.


If you decide to use our Online Banking feature to track and categorize your transactions, you can check this article for a guide: Connect bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online.


I'll hear you out if you have any other concerns regarding your apps or processes in QuickBooks. Just reply here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Connecting Square with Quickbooks


You may need a 3rd party connector. One connector starts from $40/month.

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