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Converting from Peachtree

The funeral home recently went from Peach Tree 2011 to Quickbooks 2021 (desktop)  I got the peach tree files exported and converted over to quickbooks per quickbooks insturctions.  However here is the issue I have and I cant figure it out.  In Peach Tree I see all the "payments" made and correct balances.  But when its open in Quickbooks.  It shows that they still owe the full balance.  Ex: Joe Smiths funeral was $5,000 he made two payments of $1,000.  Peach tree shows he only owes $3,000 now.  But inside of quickbooks it still shows he owes $5,000.  Im stumped and cant figure it out.  

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Converting from Peachtree

Consider to convert your data file to QBD 2022 and compare them. If you encounter the same issue, consider to purchase a 3rd party conversion service to fix the problem. 


Converting from Peachtree

Let me handle and fix this as quickly as possible, @Funeral-Home


Thank you for explaining the problem in detail and converting the program in your own. The information helps me think of troubleshooting steps to fix your customer's balance in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). 


Please note that closed or partially completed Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Estimates won't convert into QBDT. If your customer payments are made in this way, then that's the reason why QuickBooks shows that this customer still owes $5,000. To know the other limitations, check out this article: Convert from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop.


But if you're using a different type of transaction, I suggest you make sure that the payments are included in the download process. Once confirmed and the issue persist, I'd recommend updating your QBDT into the latest release as what Fiat Lux - ASIA mentioned above. Then convert it again to verify if it's already performing well. 


If the problem remains, I'd advise entering the payments manually in QBDT. Click this link for complete steps: Receive and process payments in QuickBooks Desktop.


Furthermore, visit our Community Help Articles and Video Tutorials to get started in QBDT. These pages contain various topics on how to manage data, solve issues, and other related questions.


Feel free to drop a line if you're struggling with QuickBooks. I'd be happy to offer you my advice, and I'll be here standby. Keep safe always, Funeral-Home.

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