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Creating a project

It appears as though the Projects section has changed significantly in QB Online recently. I'm having trouble converting sub-customers to projects like I used to. This help article directs you to convert sub-customers from the Customers tab:

  • "Under the money Toolbar, you'll see a statement saying "Do you organize sub-customers as projects? You can convert the list level of sub-customers into their own projects" select Convert now."

This Convert Now option is no longer present. I can add projects from within the Projects tab but it is not grouping the projects with the parent customer but rather creating a new customer. Is it still possible to convert a sub-customer to a project under the primary customer?

QuickBooks Team

Creating a project

Hello there, @mayfieldsolar.


Glad to have you here in the Community. I'm here to help share some details about converting an existing sub-customers and transactions into a project in QuickBooks Online. 


You still have the option to convert a sub-customer to a project under the primary customer by manually linking the sub-customer to the project.


Let me show you how:

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. Click the Customer tab.
  3. Locate the sub-customer you want to convert into a project.
  4. Choose Projects tab.
  5. Click on Add your first project button.
  6. Type in the project's name.
  7. Click Save.

sc1.PNG sc2.PNG sc3.PNG

To learn more about dealing with projects in QuickBooks Online, please refer to these articles:

That should do it!


Please let me know if you have any other questions concerning projects in QuickBooks. I'll be around to help. Have a good one!

Level 1

Creating a project

Thanks @BettyJaneB 


Unfortunately I'm still having issues/questions. 


  •  I don't have a sales tab, rather Invoicing where I can then access Customers (not sure if this has any impact as I can gt to the same point via Invoicing):


  • Do I need to have the sub-customer marked as "bill with parent" in the sub-customer information?
  • I'm able to get the project added the way you describe below. The issue is now within the Projects tab. In the customers pull down on the top, the new projects I add are listed independently from the parent account. It now shows up as Parent Account: Sub-customer. Previously, the sub-customers would nest under the parent account so the drop down list was much more manageable (only showing the parent accounts). 
  • The information (invoices, time entries) with these new projects don't seem to be pulling though when converting the sub-customer to a project. 
QuickBooks Team

Creating a project

Hello there, @mayfieldsolar.


I appreciate the details you've given. Allow me to share some clarifications about this project concern. 


To start with, the Invoicing option that you have is just the same as the Sales menu that I have on my end. That said this don't impact any of the processes that we've been through.


On the other hand, if you mark the sub-customer as "Bill with parent" this will allow you to you to enter charges for the parent customer and the sub customer, then create the invoice later and have both the parent's and sub-customers charges appear on the same invoice. If you want to bill the sub-customer only the select "Bill this customer".


Also, since the sub-account is now associated with a project under the primary customer then this will automatically change the It's format. This will still have the same functionality. 



Lastly, the information that you've created should show up on your customer's transaction information when converting it to the project. 


Here's an article that you can check out about invoicing customers for project expense for your future reference: Invoice customers for project expenses.


This should get you moving today.


Keep me posted if there's anything else you need with projects by leaving a reply below. I want to make sure you're taken care of. Take care!

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