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Discounting only certain items in GoPayments



Is there a way to ONLY apply a discount to certain items when taking payments in GoPayments? I am using QB Online not the desktop version.



Item 1 - Bracelet - $10 - No discount as it is not on sale

Item 2 - Shirt - $20 - 20% discount since it is on sale

Discount - $4 ( was only calculated on item 2 since it is the only one on sale)

Subtotal - $16


When I'm processing orders now, it ONLY allows me to apply the percentage discount to EVERYTHING in the order. I know I can select to only apply a certain discount amount, in this case I could put $4. However, if I sell say 10 I could manually calculate the discount for those 10 items and put the amount in manually. Kind of time consuming.


Or, is there a way to put a particular item on SALE?


Thank you in advance.




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QuickBooks Team

Discounting only certain items in GoPayments


I understand that you want to apply discounts to certain items only. Let me assist you.

Currently, we're unable to do this in the GoPayments app. In addition to manual calculation, you'll want to process a separate payment so you can apply the discount to certain items only.

Also, you'll want to send feedback to our developers. They keep on updating our software and they might add this option in the future. From your QuickBooks Online, click the Gear icon and select Feedback.

I added these articles if you need detailed steps in accepting payments using a QuickBooks Card Reader: Process payments with the QuickBooks Card Reader.

Post any additional questions you have below about payments. I'll help you!

Level 2

Discounting only certain items in GoPayments

Ok, how can I setup an item on sale in QB online? Can't imagine this feature doesn't exist, pretty common for companies to place individual items on sale.

QuickBooks Team

Discounting only certain items in GoPayments

Hello there, @STAYBOLD. Let me walk you through to add a sale item to your QuickBooks Online account.


A product or service only needs to be created once. You can add it to sales forms afterward.


If you keep track of your products and services in a spreadsheet, you can import them all at once to save your time.


  1. Go to the Products & Services section, then click New.
  2. Choose either Non-inventory or Service.
  3. Enter a name. Enter an SKU for the product if you track SKUs.
  4. Select the category that best defines your product or service from the Category dropdown. Learn more about item categories.
  5. Check the box that says I sell this product/service to my customers. You can leave the item unchecked if you don't sell it.
  6. Enter a description. On the sales form, your consumers will notice this.
  7. In the Sales price/rate area, type an amount. You can leave the Sales price/rate data box blank if you charge a variable cost for services. Fill out the invoice or sales receipt with the price.
  8. Select the desired income account from the dropdown menu.
  9. Choose tax from the Tax dropdown if you need to track sales tax. Note: If you don't see this dropdown, complete the steps in QuickBooks to set up sales tax.
  10. Click Save and Close when you're finished.


Now you can include the product and service in invoices, sales receipts, costs, and other sales documents.


You can also keep track of it through your financial reports.


If you also want to add a service or product's purchasing info, you can check this article for the detailed steps: Add product and service items to QuickBooks Online.


If you need additional assistance in adding a sales item to your account, you can click the Reply button below. I'm always here to help.

Level 2

Discounting only certain items in GoPayments



While I appreciate the default post on How to add a product/service to QB Online, it is not helping me with the current issue I am facing. I KNOW HOW TO ADD A PRODUCT.


With that being said, had you READ MY POST you'd have found I am looking for information on how to provide a DISCOUNT/PROMO for just ONE product and NOT the entire sale.


Here I'll explain it again in more laymen terms.


I have a PRODUCT (I have it ALREADY ADDED to my account) it is a T-Shirt with a CURRENT PRICE of $24.99. I go to SELL at an EVENT OFFSITE and am using GoPayments to process SALES at the EVENT.


I have ANOTHER PRODUCT (I have it ALREADY ADDED to my account), this product is a stress ball with a CURRENT PRICE of $9.99.


The CUSTOMER wants to BUY BOTH items. The T-Shirt I am offering a 20% DISCOUNT, I am NOT giving a 20% discount on the Stress Ball (hopefully you're following along).


I click the DISCOUNT of 20% when charging the customer in GoPayments, currently it will GIVE the ENTIRE order a 20% DISCOUNT. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING TO DO.


HOW can I ONLY apply DISCOUNT to the T-Shirt and NOT the Stress Ball during this Sale?


Hopefully, you actually READ this before replying with some standard reply on how to add a product or service. I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT ALREADY!





Discounting only certain items in GoPayments

Welcome back, STAYBOLD.


Thanks for sharing additional details of your concerns.


I understand that you want to provide a discount on a certain product. However, the option is unavailable in QuickBooks Online. 

You may have the option to add a discount as an item to your inventory. Please refer to this article: Discount as a line item on invoices and sales receipts.


Get back to me if there's anything else you'll need. I'll be glad to help you more.

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