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I am new to QB desktop  for Mac.  I am running a non-profit and need to set-up donors instead of customers.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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Hi Isladelencanto,


Currently, the option to switch the customer's label is unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop. Though, I have a workaround that you may want to consider.


You can toggle your QuickBooks Desktop edition to Enterprise Solution Nonprofit. You can do that by clicking the File menu and selecting Toggle to Another Edition. Then, choose Enterprise Solution Nonprofit


Continue with the on-screen instructions to successfully use the Donor label.


You can also send feedback to our developers so they may add this option in the next update. Let me guide you on how:


  1. Help menu.
  2. Tap on Send Feedback Online, then Product Suggestion.
  3. Choose a feedback type and product area on the QuickBooks Feedback window. Enter your suggestion or feedback, name, and email address (optional), then click on the Send Feedback button.


You can always keep up with what's coming to QuickBooks by visiting The QuickBooks Blog.


I've also added this reference when sending invoices in QuickBooks: Create invoices in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


I'll be around whenever you need help with QuickBooks. I've got your back!

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I am afraid my File menu did not have the toggle editions option available.

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