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church treasurer
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down loading 2019 qb pro without replacing 2016 qb pro

I want to run both qb 2016 and 2019 on computer, but 2019 wants to replace 2016. How can I download 2019 and have 2 separate qb programs?

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down loading 2019 qb pro without replacing 2016 qb pro

Hi there @church treasurer,


I’m happy to show a way to install QuickBooks 2019 without replacing or removing the 2016 version.


If you’re currently subscribed to QuickBooks 2019 Pro Plus, we have a new feature called Easy Upgrade. This allows us to keep the new and older versions on the same computer.


Once the new software is available, a pop-up window will appear when you open QuickBooks.


By the time you get the pop-up, please see the additional steps below:

  1. Choose Upgrade Now.
  2. Check the Keep old version on my computer box.
  3. Click Let’s go.
  4. Wait for the upgrade to run and complete. This will install the new version while creating an updated copy of your company file.
  5. Select Open QuickBooks.

Once done, you can continue working in your company files on both programs.


Here’s an article for your reference: Use Easy Upgrade for QuickBooks.


Let me know if you have additional questions about the process above. Have a great day!

Level 15

down loading 2019 qb pro without replacing 2016 qb pro

If you are NOT a plus subscriber, run the install

select custom install when that question comes up (if you do not it will overwrite the current one)

two or three screens later, insure the path shown for the install ends in the year of the version you are installing, continue

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