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Editing an inventory adjustment in QB Premier

We use inventory "Quantity and Total Value" adjustments to move inventory from one warehouse to another. However, I can not find a way to edit these entries when necessary.  If I go back into one of these entries it pops up as Adjustment type "Total Value" even though that is not how the entry was post.  If I change it back to "Quantity and Total Value" all the quantities are zero! Now I'm really in a pickle, I have not changed the entry but QB has!


Any time this happens I am forced to delete the entry and create a new entry.  This is problematic as some of the entries are quite long and tedious. Am I missing something? 

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QuickBooks Team

Editing an inventory adjustment in QB Premier

Hi there, HBS2288.  


QuickBooks inventory management feature in your QuickBooks accounting software, which will let you track and manage the inventory items. Inventory is nothing but the stock of the items that you are going to sell through your business, or want to use for manufacturing of the goods to be sold.   


The QuickBooks user has the flexibility not only to delete the inventory adjustment in QuickBooks, but also you can edit it if there is a requirement. You have to search the Inventory Adjustment. Once the Inventory Adjustment is located, you can easily view options to Edit or Delete options. If you need to edit, you have to click on the Edit option and do the editing as per your requirements.   


 For the detailed instructions, check out this article: Edit Or Delete An Inventory Quantity Adjustment


I'm also adding this article if you have other issues with inventory in QuickBooks Desktop: Fix negative inventory issues in QuickBooks Desktop


Click the Reply button below if you have other concerns. The Community and I will be around to lend a helping hand. Take care!

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Editing an inventory adjustment in QB Premier

Thank you for your response. The link you supplied to edit an inventory adjustment is for Quickbooks Online. I am using Quickbooks Premier Desktop. Can you tell me how to edit a Inventory adjustment for "Quantity and Total Value" in Quickbooks Premier Desktop?

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Editing an inventory adjustment in QB Premier

Hey there, @HBS2288.


Thanks for taking the time to follow up with us. I hope you're enjoying the day so far. 


When making an inventory adjustment in QuickBooks Desktop, you'll need to ensure you have an inventory adjustment account set up first. 


Here's how to create an inventory adjustment account: 


  1. Select Company and then Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click on the Account dropdown, then New.
  3. From the Other Account Types dropdown, hit Cost of Goods Sold.
  4. Name this account "Inventory Adjustments," and then Save and Close.


To make the adjustment: 


  1. Select Vendors and then Inventory Activities. Then, select Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand.
  2. Choose Inventory and then hit Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand
  3. Tap the Adjustment Type dropdown, then select QuantityTotal Value, or Quantity and Total Value. Choose the adjustment type option and then select your adjustment account.
  4. Enter the Adjustment Date.
  5. Click on the Adjust Account dropdown, then tap the adjustment account you set up.
  6. Add Reference No. You can also assign a customer, job, or class.
  7. Select Find & Select Items. Select the items you want to adjust. If you have a lot, search for any product in the Find field.
  8. Hit Add Selected items.
  9. Add a new quantity or new value (or both) for each item.
  10. Click Save and Close.


That's all there is to it. For additional details about this process, check out Adjust your inventory quantity or value in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always here to help you out. Take care! 

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