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Email Address in WebMail (as seen buy customers)



I have started to use webmail to send emails in QB due to the continued crashing/Mapi issues that I can't seem to solve.  I was able to configure webmail to work correctly but the return address (and the way the customer sees it) is causing mails to be missed.


How do I change the circled address to be our actual email address?


QB Send invoices2.png

I read through this post and was not able to make a change. Any tips?


Note: I had to change the image I originally had as some scammer pretending to be an intuit support rep who was being proactive, looked up my company information and offered to fix my database for $2999.95...Be careful out there.

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Email Address in WebMail (as seen buy customers)

Hey there gomuchfaster. I'll help you to get the outbound email changed.

In the image you provided where you included the red circle around the outgoing email address, towards the right side there's an arrow icon pointing downwards. If you have other email addresses added, you can click on that arrow to display a drop-down menu which will show all the emails currently connected to QuickBooks. You can change the "from" email by selecting a different email address from that drop-down menu.
If the email address you're looking to use isn't displayed there, you'll need to add it.

To add a Webmail email, please follow these steps:
1. Verify the incoming server address, the incoming server type, and the outgoing sever address. These three pieces of information will be important when adding an email, so that it can properly connect back to your email address with your email provider. You'll also need the email username and password.
If you require any assistance with obtaining this information you can check online or directly contact your email provider to confirm what to use.
2. Within QuickBooks, in the menu section at the top, select Edit. It will display a drop-down menu with multiple options. Choose the option for Preferences, which will display a new window.

3. In that Preferences window, there's a scroll through navigation on the left-side. Pick the option for Send Forms.
4. Make sure that the option for Web Mail is selected, then choose the Add button.
5. Fill out the Add Email screen, and click on Ok to save your changes.
6. If you want this to be set as your default email, choose Set as Default.
Once you've done this, the one you added will be visible in that outbound drop-down list.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be here to help you through this. 

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