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External Accountant

In my clients quickbooks desktop.  I want to be an external accountant.  Should I sign up in there quickbooks desktop using my Intuit sign in with my email address and password?


How do I access my clients quickbooks desktop from my program.


I am a ProAdvisor but this is new to me.



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External Accountant

Desktop companies can have multi user access and be hosted for remote access but it has nothing to do with your online account. 


If you are to work on their books during the year they need to send you a,backup file you can load in your licensed copy of desktop for same year. And THEY must refrain from data entry while you work.


If this is year end tax work they send you an accountants copy you open in your licensed copy of Dektop Accountant version that you can get free with your annual $349 Desktop pro advisor membership. You work on it and send back a change file for them to import.

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External Accountant

QBO clients will invite you, you get an email link, and then add them to your QBOA.

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External Accountant

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External Accountant



I have the same question, I think, but these answers are all so off the topic of what is being asked that I am almost afraid to ask again but here it goes...


In a clients QuickBooks DESKTOP software, there is a way to login as an external accountant so that you can access the accountant toolbox features that you would normally have on your QuickBooks DESKTOP Accountant software.  Example, you are working on a clients computer in the clients office, no backup or accountant copy is being sent to you to work on at your own office which has the accountant version of the desktop software.  How do you login as the external accountant while working in the clients office office on their computer using their Plus or Premier version of QuickBooks and get the added accountant features that you would have if you were using your software back at your office. 


Here is a video on the intuit website regarding this feature: 


Can you please explain the step of logging in as the external accountant because all the video says is if you are logged in as the external accountant, you can access the accounting features you are used to having in the accountant version of desktop.  


Thank you for your help in advance.

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