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Filing State 1099s

Why does QBO not submit 1099s to the state?  Full-Service Payroll--not really full service?  North Carolina requires a .txt file for both 1099s and W-2s.  GA requires a different format.  So frustrated.  QB sends me to a link telling me that--but not how to create the file.  

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QuickBooks Team

Filing State 1099s

Thanks for posting this here in the Community, @NumbersByNelson. Let me share some information about this matter.


Filing with your state through QuickBooks Online or Intuit Online Payroll is unavailable at this timeYou can consider contacting your state to learn if they require the 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC, along with the steps on how to proceed.


For more information about filing your state forms, you can visit this article.


You can also refer to this article to get answers to your 1099 questions.


Feel free to post here again if you have any QuickBooks-related concern. I’m just around the corner if you need help. Keep safe!

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Filing State 1099s

Is it possible to get a file that I can submit to the state for 1099-NECs?  Can a file (same format as required by IRS) be downloaded from QBO that I can submit to the state for 1099-NECs?

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Filing State 1099s

I filed 1099s through QBO electronically.  Is it possible to download a file (same format as required by the IRS) of 1099 NEC that I can use to submit 1099s to the state?

QuickBooks Team

Filing State 1099s

I have two scenarios that I can think of when filing a 1099 for your state. I'll show you how Tina.


If your state uses the same format that QuickBooks Online (QBO) is using once the 1099 file is downloaded, here's how to download the form:


  1. Go to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Go to Taxes, then 1099 filings.
  3. Select View 1099 to view a PDF copy.
  4. Click Download.


However, if your state is using a different format, you'll want to contact them so they can provide you with the form that you can use. You can also check this article so you'll know what other option you can use instead of Form 1096 and gives you more details on how to print your 1099: Print Your 1099 And 1096 Form.


Furthermore, to give you more information when filing a 1099, learn from this article about your state's requirement for 1099s: File Your State 1099 Forms.


I'm just around the corner if you need anything else. Leave a reply below and I'll keep an eye on it. 

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