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I am using an outside payroll service and  I have my gratuity in the other current liabilities, but am I suppose to have a place to put  it to when it gets paid?

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Hello, susanhd.


Liabilities are the company's payable. You can create a check to record this transaction in QuickBooks Desktop and choose the Liability account when paying it.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Banking at the top menu bar and choose to Write Checks.
  2. Select the Bank Account to pay the tips from.
  3. Choose the employee to pay the gratuity to.
  4. Enter Amount and select the gratuity account in the Account field.
  5. Hit Save & Close.

Since you're using a non-intuit payroll service, you'll need to include these liabilities when entering payroll data in QuickBooks Desktop to make your books accurate. If you need more details in handling gratuity paid outside QuickBooks, I'd suggest to consult and work with your accountant.


For the detailed steps in entering historical payroll data in QuickBooks Desktop, check out this article: Enter historical payroll data.


If I can be of assistance while working in QuickBooks Desktop, please let me know. I'll be around to help.

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So when I input the credit card charges from the day into my deposit I should put the tips in the other liability account, then when it gets paid I take it out of the same account?



Welcome back, susanhd.


Yes, you'll want to input tips in the gratuity account you created solely for tips and you can use the same account when it gets pad. Nevertheless, I'd still suggest consulting your accountant for more expert advice in handling tips and gratuity. 


This should help get you back on track. If you need other helpful articles in the future, you can always visit our site: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Keep in touch if there's anything I can help you with QuickBooks. I'm always around whenever you need help.

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