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How do I track parts used for services?

How do I track parts used for services? We have both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online available.


Problem: Currently, we use service items to estimate and invoice customers for work performed without issue (i.e. Item XYZ Overhaul) and in the description we add a rough listing of what parts were replaced (i.e. bearings, driveshaft, fiber optic rod, etc) and/or what service was performed (i.e. clean, oil, test). We may get from 1 to 20 or more items to be repaired per invoice, so I want to keep what the customer sees down to a minimum, but I need a better way to track inventory used for the repairs. I added some inventory items, I tried creating bundles (i.e. driveshaft 123 uses 2 ea bearings, 1 ea gear, 1 ea shaft), but I can't find a way to link that to the service performed.


What I'm looking for is a way to estimate/invoice a customer for a repair (i.e. Drill 99LT Overhaul) showing the customer what work was performed (i.e. Refurbished Driveshaft), while tracking on my end the parts that were used for the service. I don't want to include one line for the service and another line for the parts/bundle as this could be confusing for our customers who are used to seeing how our invoices are structured. I know I can hide the items contained within bundles, but can I hide the bundle altogether from the customer?

QuickBooks Team

How do I track parts used for services?

I can help you manage these items so it won’t show up to your customers, @Avtec Repairs.

When invoicing a Service bundle in QuickBooks Online, it'll automatically breakdown the items associated with it.

To hide the bundle altogether from the customer, you’ll want to edit or create a customized invoice template. Let me show you how:


  1. Select the Gear icon, then choose Custom form styles.
  2. Click on New style and then choose the Invoice.
  3. Under the Content tab, select the middle body of the form.
  4. Make sure the Product/Service box is unchecked.
  5. Select the date amount description and etc.
  6. Press Done.

I attached a screenshot here for your visual reference:

I have here a link that gives you more information about inventory management in QuickBooks. It provides the right ways to handle your business essentials. 

Let me know if you have other concerns with your inventories. I’ll be here anytime. 

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How do I track parts used for services?

Is there a way to do this on Quick Books Desktop version?  We used hundreds of parts on jobs sometimes (electrical contractor) and we need to pull these parts from inventory but we don't want it showing up on our invoices for the customer to see all the parts.  I can't find out how to do this without making a "fake" invoice to send to the customer (an Estimate formatted to look like an Invoice in the template) and pulling the parts on the real "posting" invoice.


We do not use assemblies because every job is different and uses different parts.


We have found a workaround by creating group called a "Bid Item" and all the parts inside it will not show up when we print, but then we also can't EVER print it for our own benefit to see what was used.  We can only look at it on the screen, so no way to make notes or corrections as we do checkups on what parts were used.  If you click the box to "print items in group" in the Group settings, it doesn't work retroactively so you can't turn it on and off. 


I can't believe we are the only contractor that uses a lot of parts they don't want showing up, but I can't find information about this ANYWHERE and I have hired several Quick Books Heroes/ Experts to help.



QuickBooks Team

How do I track parts used for services?

Hello, Irene. 


Thanks for the detailed post about the issue. Good work on doing the Group item workaround. It's actually the only way to hide items when printing. 


You're right about the retroactive effect when you check the Print items in group option. So, we're unable to print an invoice that hides the items and at the same time, show them in your side (with or without using the option). 


You can review the parts of the invoice before printing it out as what you've pointed out in your post. Though, you can also take a screenshot of the items involved in a group if necessary. 


Our developers might add more flexibility on how you would be able to print your invoice. I recommend sending feedback to them:


  1. Go to the Help menu, then hover on Send Feedback Online.
  2. Select Product Suggestion
  3. Enter your suggestions regarding the Print items in group option or how you would want to print the invoice. 
  4. Click Send Feedback


Need help recording your invoice payments? This article can guide you through the process: Record an invoice payment.


If you use the Online Banking Feature, do you also need assistance managing your transactions? Check this article out for a guide: Add and match Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


I'll stand by here if you have more questions in managing your invoices or items. You can also ask me about anything regarding QuickBooks Desktop. 

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How do I track parts used for services?

Thanks for the quick reply.  I appreciate your time.


I will definitely give the developers feedback as I can't imagine we are the only contractors that use many parts they don't want showing for the customer.


I was hoping there would be a "Work Order" or "Write Up" type of feature where the technicians could pull the parts they used on a job from inventory. 


Thanks again!

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