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How to automate a BackUp in QuickBooks Online?

1. My QuickBooks Online  plan is QBO plus, I wanted to know if QBO allows me to have an automated backup i.e schedule a backup every day  and store that file.
2. If  QBO allows to automate how can I upload my backup file to QBO

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QuickBooks Team

How to automate a BackUp in QuickBooks Online?

Hello there, @gs-trail


Welcome to the Community. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based system, thus, your company file is automatically saved in the cloud securely while your account is still active. Hence, an option to schedule an automatic back-up of your Quickbooks data isn't available. 


 I understand that you need to store a back-up file and upload it to another QBO account. You can use the Export tool to manually save a company data instead. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon, then under Tools, choose Export Data.
  2. Click It's a backup, then click Continue.
  3. Select the Reports and Lists you want to export.
  4. Click Export to Excel.


Once done, you can upload them to another QBO account. Refer to his help article for more information: Common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online


Also, I got you here our resources for your future reference: 


Leave a reply below if you have follow-up questions. I'm always here to further assist. 


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How to automate a BackUp in QuickBooks Online?

Hello @katherinejoyceO , thank you so much for replying and providing the info, I need to make a backup every day, which should be an automated process(forget scheduling), so just wanted to know if QBO has any api to do that, like using api we can download Invoices as PDFs... etc. Can we also get a backup file by making an api.

Also can you share how to restore QBO company, if data is lost.
note :I don't have QuickBooks Desktop.  

when we restore lost data can we even get back the invoices which we lost, as export  option doesn't let us export invoices.

Thank you .

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How to automate a BackUp in QuickBooks Online?



QBO does not have a back up at all from the user perspective. And when you close your account Intuit will only save the company data as a read only file for one year, then it is deleted - which does not help if an audit occurs in year 2 or 3.

Intuit backs the servers up, but can not restore your specific file from that back up


The only real option to get all your data for archiving against a future audit is to have an accountant log in and print or export to excel the general journal. (Or invite yourself as the accountant, create the log in, and log in as the accountant so you can use the accountant tools.) Due to QBO's limited data handling capability that will probably have to be done in date segments. Of course that may not help in the event of an IRS audit since they have stated that the actual software data file is what they want, and an excel spreadsheet is not satisfactory.
(Note: simple start does not have a true general journal report at all.)

QBO data handling capability for reporting is not adequate, if there is more than 5K records it times out and reports that you have too much data. You will have to do a journal report in date range segments, like Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, etc etc.

How many months you can span per report is a guessing game since the report can not deal with more than 5K transactions.


Note that in the app store there are now some "backup" apps you can subscribe to, one subscription per company file.  What these do is take a "snapshot" of your QBO data so you can restore it if needed.  But in terms of a standalone back up file that you can access, or save against a future audit,  no there is none.

Community Champion

How to automate a BackUp in QuickBooks Online?

QBO itself is backed up multiple times per day on multiple servers around the world in undisclosed locations (most known is Amazon Web Services in rural Washington state) They guarantee no data loss or at least very minimal and if there were a disruption it would affect nearly everyone and we would all get rolled back to most recent backup they do.


Every morning when you first log in to QBO it is exactly where you left it last night. here is nothing for you to restore from on a daily basis - in fact no way to turn back the clock if you found that you entered a 1000 invoices incorrectly and wished to start the day over again. - at least from an officially provided by Intuit stance.


Like Rustler said, you can shop for an app but what disaster are you trying to prevent or recover from that continuous autosave of every keystroke ending in "save" is insufficient? Maybe you endure constant loss of power or intermittent internet connection? Are you currently losing data during the day? Loss of connection while entering a long invoice? QBO offers a desktop app for faster work that should allow you to finish work faster, or so they say - but it still requires a web connection, it just uses a direct interface rather than browser of your choice

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