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Import bank rules from Online to Desktop?

I'm transitioning from Online to Desktop to save some money and am disappointed in how difficult it is.  I've seen similar questions asked about Desktop --> Online (not possible), but before I go trying to manually re-create 20+ rules, I want to confirm whether there is any way to import my bank transaction rules into Desktop software.  I've exported them from Online to an Excel file, but I don't see any way to pull them into Desktop.  Very disappointing if not possible.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Import bank rules from Online to Desktop?

Thanks for checking in with us, Lindahom19.


I want to make sure your concern about importing bank rules in QuickBooks Desktop gets taken care of.


At the moment, Bank Rules from QuickBooks Online cannot be transferred into QuickBooks Desktop. You'll need to manually set them up in QuickBooks Desktop.


Here's how to create a renaming rule in QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Click Bank Feeds. 
  3. Choose Bank Feeds Center.
  4. Select Rules in Bank Feeds window.
  5. Select Manage Rules drop-down then choose Add New.
  6. In Add Rules Details window, provide a Rule Name.
  7. From the Description drop-down, make a selection and in the Description field, type a word or phrase you want to use as the condition for the rule. If you want to create more conditions, select + button.
  8. In the Do This section, make the appropriate selection from the drop-down and depending on your selection, enter the Payee name or the Account name.
  9. Select Save.

I've got you an article to learn more about setting up Bank Rules in QuickBooks Desktop: Use renaming rules for Bank Feeds.


For a list of limitations when exporting from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop, you can check out this article: Export limitations when converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.


Stay in touch if you have any other questions about bank rules in QuickBooks. I'm always here to answer them for you.

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Re: Import bank rules from Online to Desktop?


1) How is this in any way under the sun making sure the customer's concern ("Very disappointing if not possible") is "taken care of"? 


2) Your customer did not ask you how to add bank feed rules.


3) It should not take seven paragraphs, with lots of unnecessarily bolded text to say,

"Unfortunately the convert process does not convert the rules and also there is no way to import them.  They have to be entered manually."