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Importing IIF files

I am receiving an error message when I try to import an excel or IIF file.

The error message is :

Only the QuickBooks administrator or an External Accountant can perform action. You must reopen the company file and lo in as the Admin or and External Accountant to do this.


Please help!

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QuickBooks Team

Importing IIF files

I'm here to help you get rid of the error, @micheal-bendit.


When importing, you'd want to make sure you're logged in as the company's admin. Also, let's ensure to do it in a single-user mode. Let's first make sure that your QuickBooks software is updated to the latest release version.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Help menu from the opened company file.
  2. Select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Click the Options tab and click Mark All.
  4. Under the Update Now tab, check the Reset Update.
  5. Once ready, click Get Updates

Once completed, let's reboot your device to ensure that all components are updated. Now, let's open QuickBooks and set it to single-user mode.

  1. Launch QuickBooks.
  2. Log in as the companies admin.
  3. Go to the File menu.
  4. Select Switch to Single-User Mode.

You can try importing your files again. You can read through this article for more detailed steps: Export, import, and edit IIF files


Stay in touch with us here if you have other questions about the tasks that can be performed in a single or multi-user mode in QuickBooks. I'm just a few clicks away.

QuickBooks Team

Importing IIF files

Helping our customers achieve their goals is my priority, @micheal-bendit.


Were you able to successfully import your IIF or excel files using the steps I've shared above?


Know that the Community and I are always here to address your concerns. Wishing you continued success!

Level 2

Importing IIF files

No. When I upload I get this error message( see attached PNG file)


QuickBooks Team

Importing IIF files

It looks like you forgot to attach your screenshot, @micheal-bendit.


I can help fix the error when importing IIF files so you can get back to working order.


Based on the error in your original post, the troubleshooting steps provided by my colleague IamjuViel above should fix the issue. The main possible reason for the error is that you aren't logged in as the company admin.


If you still get the same error after logging in as the company admin, I highly suggest contacting our Phone Support Team. This way, they can check on your QuickBooks file and help you import IIF successfully.


To reach them, please follow the steps below:


  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to the Help menu, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue, then select Let's talk, and then choose a way to connect.

Also, I'm adding this article to learn more about importing IIF files in QuickBooks Desktop: IIF Overview: import kit, sample files, and headers.


Please keep in touch if there's anything else I can do to help you succeed with QuickBooks. I've got your back. Have a great day!

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