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Importing Sales Data with IIF

Can I import a list of multiple items sold at an auction with different items to different buyers?

I’d collect the sold data in a spreadsheet and save the spreadsheet as an IIF file with unique buyer identifiers.

QB's Customer database will already contain Buyers with name, address, and the same unique identifier.

How would I create invoice numbers?    How would one buyer’s six purchased items purchased at various times during the auction show up on one invoice?  (Sort the spreadsheet before saving IIF file?)

I have some programming and IIF file experience so I could easily massage the sales data into a proper IIF file.  I’m using QB Desktop.

Level 3

Importing Sales Data with IIF



  As a workaround, you can use Business Importer Desktop for importing data to QB Desktop. It supports .xlsx Files, so there is no need to convert them to IIF format.

  The app has free trial period, so you can test if it suits your needs.


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Importing Sales Data with IIF

You can use our app to import sales transactions (and most other types of transactions.)

It starts with a worksheet and will create an IIF file from it.   See BRC IIF Transaction Creator 

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