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Inventory tracking of liquor shots coming from a liquor bottle

I serve liquor and beer.  Sometimes I will sell a shot and sometimes a double shot.  Sometimes I sell a draft and sometimes a pitcher.  These are differing amounts coming from the same container. How do I monitor the amount sold from the common containers? 

I am using Square POS and QuickBooks Plus online.  The item sales in Square will sync with QuickBooks Inventory.  

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Inventory tracking of liquor shots coming from a liquor bottle

Honestly, you are likely to micro-manage this to death. I saw you asked a similar question regarding tracking individual patties for burgers sold. What you do is find the tools that allow you to manage what matters to you. Example:


Square and QB are not managing the inventory as Sales. The Sales are Noninventory products. The management of Inventory is "purchased" details. Then, for example, when you move Liquor or Mixers or a Carton of patties from the back to the front, or freezer to walk in, or from Boxes to bottles on the backbar, you consider that "in play" and relieve stock as an adjustment, because you know that once you bring the patties from the freezer to the walk in, they are in essence Sold or Used or going to be waste. So, the process is not to attempt to track each tablespoon of mayo, but to track that 1 jar of mayo has been removed from stock, opened, and now is in use at the prep station = not Sold by the Tablespoon. I hope that helps.

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Inventory tracking of liquor shots coming from a liquor bottle

Hi @Passtime
You can create an item and add classes for the various drink size.
So when you record the sale, you can the choose corresponding Keg and choose the size you are selling.
Item Budwaiser Keg - And click on the classes down arrow, select the size, this way you can run a report on the item Budwaiser Keg and you'll be able to see how many of each size you have sold, out of that Keg, keep in mind running a report on each size class will give all total transactions for that class, so if you have several kegs this will give you the totals of that serving size coming out
all Containers/kegs of beer.
Hope this helps.

Add an item for that keg.
New Item- Budwiser Keg
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