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INVOICE shows different parts and prices when I go to PRINT & PREVIEW???

We are an auto repair shop and create invoices for our customers with parts and labor...this glitch happens once in a while and it happened again today...any idea why this happens and what I  can do to prevent it?


If you notice on the screen shots, the invoice has ONE oil filter on it plus two different types of BRAKE PADS.  But when you go to the PRINT PREVIEW, it shows THREE oil filters at a different price, and the BRAKE PADS have disappeared.  The total invoice amount, however, is correct.  


No, I'm not crazy, this really does happen!  I've attached 3 screen shots, the first two are of the invoice before going to PRINT & PREVIEW, the last is of the PRINT PREVIEW.



question1.jpg question2.jpg question3.jpg

QuickBooks Team

INVOICE shows different parts and prices when I go to PRINT & PREVIEW???

Hi there, @kaycee1.


Thanks for taking the time to post complete details on your concern in the Community. I'm with you in getting past this issue. 


QuickBooks Online uses cache and cookies to load faster. However, these can also cause issues when it gets fully loaded. We can resolve this by clearing your browser cache.


To help us confirm a browser-related problem, let's first use an incognito or a private window. Follow these keyboard shortcuts based on the browser you're using.


  • For Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • For Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • For Safari, hold down Command + Shift + N


Log in to your QuickBooks account and try to Print and Preview the invoice you've created. If that works, go back to your main browser and clear its cache to remove temporary internet files. Otherwise, use another supported browser as an alternative.


Just in case, you'll want to review and make changes to any of your product or service items from the Products and Services menu. Read through this article to learn more about it: Add product and service items to QuickBooks Online.


I'd be happy to further assist if you need more help with your invoices, @kaycee1. Have a great one. 

Level 3

INVOICE shows different parts and prices when I go to PRINT & PREVIEW???

Hi, I tried that, it didn't work, and I even tried logging in from a different computer, still does the same thing.

QuickBooks Team

INVOICE shows different parts and prices when I go to PRINT & PREVIEW???

I appreciate your swift response, @kaycee1


At this point, I'd recommend you contact us so we can check what's causing this to happen and help you fix this issue. We can also create a case to investigate this matter whenever necessary. 


Here's how to contact our Customer Care team: 


  1. Click this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Online, then click Search for something else.
  3. Enter "Print and preview invoice" in the Ask us anything field and click Search.  
  4. Click Start a Message and enter all required information in the pop-up box. 
  5. Click I'm not a robot and click Submit


Once done, one of our agents will be with you shortly. Please prepare your account details for verification. 


Let me know if you have additional questions. I'll be right here to attend to all your needs. 

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