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Level 1

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

I have a client that will open a new QB account and they need to bill 1000 of the same invoice to one set of customers.  These invoices will all be the same but to the individual customers.


Possible without doing it one at a time?  

QuickBooks Team

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

Hi @Steve Osmond.


Yes. It's possible to send multiple invoices to the individual customers in QuickBooks Online. You can do it when your client is subscribed QuickBooks Online Advanced.


Here's how:

  1. Select + New.
  2. Select Batch transactions.
  3. Select the Add (+) button to create a new blank invoice. Each invoice you add gets its own numbered row.
  4. Select any field to enter info for each invoice.
  5. When you're done, select Save.


It's simple. Need to delete an invoice from the batch? You can follow the steps outlined in this article: Create and send multiple invoices in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


In case your client wanted to add a payment option in your invoices, you can sign up for QuickBooks Payments.


If there's anything else you need to know, feel free to comment here. I'll be happy to help. Take care always!

Level 1

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

I currently have QB version 4.2.1 which is the online version for another company and this is not an option under NEW.  Perhaps this is a US only option?



QuickBooks Team

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

Thank you for the response and for providing us more details about adding multiple invoices, @Steve Osmond.


The ability to create multiple invoices using the Batch Transactions feature is available in QuickBooks Online Advanced available in the US. 


Let me show you how to add multiple invoices using the QuickBooks Online desktop app:

  1. Go to the + New button.                             
  2. Select Batch Transactions
  3. Click the Select Transaction type drop-down and choice Invoices
  4. To add additional lines just click  Menu button (three vertical dots) and then select New line item
  5. Click on Save once you're done. 

You can always check the article provided by my colleague above on how to create and send multiple invoices in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


Then, you can refer to the following article on how to record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if you need further help creating multiple invoices. I'm always here to help. Have a great rest of the day!

Level 1

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

Sorry but this is not an answer.  Is this option not available in Canada?  I provided a screenshot for you to review and the item you mention is not in there.  


I need resolution on this and if it is not available on this platform, what platform would it be available on?



QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

Thanks for coming back, Steve Osmond.


The option to create multiple invoices using the Batch Transactions feature is unavailable in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Canada version. This is only available in the QBO US version. However, we can create and send the same invoice to multiple customers in QBO Essentials and Plus. 


You'll want to check for a third-party application that can help you do mass invoicing in QBO. You can check out the apps that are compatible with QuickBooks at this link: We can also do it in QBO by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Apps on the left side menu.
  2. Search for the app in the Find apps to streamline your work field. 
  3. Look for the app that supports the Batch Invoicing feature.


Any questions about integrating the app into your Online account is best handled by the third-party app provider. To keep updated with any upcoming QuickBooks updates and enhancements, feel free to visit these blogs:


I'll be right here to continue helping if you have any other concerns or questions about QuickBooks. Assistance is just a post away.

Level 15

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

@Steve Osmond 

Consider having a billing management app to integrate with your QBO CA version.

Level 2

Mass invoicing / bulk invoicing

Hi @Steve Osmond 


If you have your batch invoicing data in an Excel or csv file then you can use the Invoice Import feature that is available in QuickBooks Online Canada or you could use a third party import app like Zed Axis that my company wrote than can upload invoices in batch from text, Excel or IIF files directly into QuickBooks Online that also handles GST inclusive and exclusive amounts and multiple currencies, as well as a more comprehensive range of fields a full comparison is provided here.


Hope that gives you a more comprehensive answer to your question.

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