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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

Hi, I have someone using QB 2019 Mac Desktop and they asked me for assistance in setting up a multi-user setup for them. They will be using the file simultaneously on Mac's however one will be remoting in. They want to be able to both work simultaneous which I can only find that it has to be hosted on either a cloud service which is PC based or a separate Mac to be the host for the local person to connect to via network and the remote user to remote into. I have seen services to host on a PC and not affect the PC use, but that is a PC, not a MAC.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. I tried to make this as clear as possible for the request being made of me.




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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

How many user seats do you have? QB Mac for  2 users or QB Mac for 3 users?


Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

I've got the information you need about setting up multiuser mode in your client's Mac version, @greg. Aside from PC, this is also a supported feature in Mac 2019.


First, your client must buy a multiuser license of QuickBooks. Then, they can add users to it. I'll guide you how. 

  1. Go to QuickBooks from the top menu.
  2. Select Manage License.
  3. Choose Buy Additional Licenses.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to buy the additional licenses.
  5. Go back to QuickBooks from the top menu.
  6. Click Manage Licenses.
  7. Choose Sync License.
  8. Install the program on each computer your client want to use to work on their company file.


Second, please have your client install QuickBooks Server. This way, other users on their network will be able to open the shared company file. For more tips, see the Where are you going to store your company file? section through this article: Multiuser Checklist


Third, have your client create user accounts. This includes the usernames and passwords of their users so they can access the company file. Just go back to QuickBooks from the top menu. Then, select Preferences or Company and choose Users and Passwords


Fourth, please have your client set up the multiuser mode. Here's how: 

  1. Open the Multiuser folder.
  2. Drag the QuickBooks Server icon to the Applications folder.
  3. Choose Authenticate to modify the Applications folder if prompted. 
  4. Enter the Admin username and password.
  5. Hit OK.
  6. Launch QuickBooks and open your company file.
  7. Go to File from the top menu. 
  8. Click Enable Multi-user Mode.


For detailed instructions, see Step 5 through this article: Install and Set Up QuickBooks Mac Desktop


Once done, QuickBooks Server will start automatically. Also, your client's users can access the company file simultaneously. It will be listed under Shared Files on the No Company Open window. 


Additionally, I'd suggest visiting this website: Mac 2019 User Guide. Then, please go to pages 26-30. From there, you and your client will learn more about the QuickBooks Server and the other tasks to perform when using the multiuser mode. 


Please get back to me if you need further assistance. I'll gladly help, @greg

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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

I am still trying to gather all the information from them. I believe they have a multi user license. Let me try and explain a little better. The main person wishes to use QB on their Mac, as I understand it from your reply we need to set up QB server on a Host computer. The second person needs to remote into the QB from another location. I am thinking based on the situation they need a dedicated computer to serve as the Host Server, the one local person can then access the QB over the local network and the second person can remote into the QB Server computer. They do not want the main persons computer to be hindered by a remote desktop solution. The cloud hosting services are expensive and all seem to be windows based. If it was a simple Multi-user setup on a local network I could handle that. The issue is the remote user needing access from a different location.  I hope this clarifies some of what i was asking.




Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

Thanks for clarifying things out, Yagabu.


The setup that you're looking for isn't an option in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. You might want to use QuickBooks Online (QBO) instead. 


QBO is a cloud-based software where multiple users can access up-to-date information simultaneously. 


To help you get started, we’ve created a test drive account, so you can experience some of the features and functionality in QBO: Test drive QuickBooks Online.


You can also check this article that will help you get a better idea about QBO: Getting started with QuickBooks Online.


If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to visit us again. We're always here to help.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop


There is a private cloud solution running on multi platforms (i.e Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). BUT it only runs on Windows for the host.


If your client doesn't have any plan switching to QB Desktop Windows, the one and only option is using a remote desktop solution. The remote user have to utilize the remote desktop app to "take over" one of the Mac,


Just my 2 cents.

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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

That is what I was figuring. If I have another Mac set up as a local network server the one person can connect locally through the network to the file. Then the remote person can connect to the server Mac with remote desktop and not affect the local person.


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Multiuser remote access on MAC desktop

If you truly mean Remote Access to a machine in the office, that's pretty straight forward.  First IN THE OFFICE set up two Macs with QBs.  It is strongly recommended that the two machines be on a WIRED network.  There are often QB Data issues with WiFi.


You can put the QBs Company file on the main computer with the primary person using QBs.  Make sure QBs is in Multi User Mode (under File on the PC and I think the same on the Mac).  You then need to SHARE that FOLDER with the second Mac.


On the second Mac, make sure you can reach the QBs folder on the Primary machine.  Then launch QBs, confirm Multi User and try to open the file on the Primary machine.  (If you don't have a Multi User License, then you'll need a license for the second machine.)


Now that QBs is set, you can Remote into the Second machine and open QBs through that machine.  Mac has some options and there are some good 3rd party programs to remote into your office computer.

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