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Open gone from File Menu

I am using Online QuickBooks on Windows 10 in the US and recently applied an upgrade.  After the upgrade:

1) The company file does not open (no error message, just blank screen)

2) The "Open" menu item on the File menu has disappeared.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Open gone from File Menu

Greetings, @krobey80.


It's great to see you here in the Community. I'm here to help fix the issue you're having with your QuickBooks.


Just to clarify, are you using QuickBooks Online (QBO) or QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)?


If you're using QBO or the QBO App for Windows, there will be no Open option as it'll ask for a login to access your data. But if you have QBDT, let's perform some troubleshooting steps that can help us isolate this.


Let's run the rebuild and verify data utilities. In the event you haven't had to use these before, they are automated diagnostic utilities that comb through, repair, and notify you of data damage within the file. Here's how:


1. Go to the File menu at the top and pick Utilities, then Verify Data.
2. If the Verify finds an issue with your data, you will be prompted to Rebuild Now or View Errors.
3. Select Close, then perform the steps below.
     a. Find QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log files.
     b. Check the log file.
     c. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the most recent Verify information.
     d. Find the line that contains the LVL_ERROR, then check: Top data damage errors in QuickBooks Desktop.



For your reference, you can check out this article for further guidance: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop. Once done, go back to File menu again and check if you can now see the Open options on the drop-down.


That's it! Give this a try and let me know how it goes so I can get back to you right away. I want to make sure this is fix. Take care always.

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Open gone from File Menu

Hi, and thanks for your help.


I assume we are running the QBO App for Windows - we downloaded it after going to QBO.


Sorry I was not more clear on that.


There is no login screen when we launch Windows App (happening on two PCs).


We recently did an update when prompted as we launched the app, and I think the problem is related to that.


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Open gone from File Menu

Thank you.


I assume we are are using QBO App for Windows - offered as a download after getting QBO.


We do not get a login screen, just a blank display.  This is occurring on two PCs, and on both cases occurred after applying an update that was offered when the app was launched.


Does that help?


Open gone from File Menu

This issue with the QBO desktop app has been escalated, krobey80.


We've received reports from other users experiencing the same thing when opening the app. Our engineers are currently working to find the cause of this behavior so a resolution will be rolled out immediately. In the meantime, you can use the web browser to access your QBO account.


To get an update on this issue, please give us a call. We'll add your name and email address as an affected user so you'll get notified when this issue is fixed.


Here's how to get our contact number:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Select QuickBooks Online.
  3. Click the Company setup & importing topic.
  4. Select the Sign-in sub-topic.
  5. Scroll down and click the Get Phone Number button.

I appreciate your patience on this. Do let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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Open gone from File Menu

Thank you.


We found a solution...uninstall and reinstall on PC.

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