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Opening an accountants copy

Is anyone else having to wait an hour or longer for an accountants copy to open? I've noticed in the last few weeks and thought it might pass but it hasn't. Companies that I get copies of on a monthly basis that take maybe 15-20 minutes at the most to open are now taking 45-75 minutes. Am I the only one?


Opening an accountants copy

I have the steps you can perform to fix the delay when opening an accountant's copy, @009


I've checked my resources, and there aren't any reported similar issues about this. Here are a few possible reasons you're taking 45-75 minutes to open an accountant's copy for your clients: 

  • The QuickBooks version you're working on doesn't match with the one your client is using. 
  • The file is too large. 
  • Slow internet connection. 


First, let's make sure to use the QuickBooks version your client used to create it when opening the accountant's copy. I'll guide you how. 

  1. Go to File from the top menu. 
  2. Select Toggle to Another Edition.
  3. The Premier (or Enterprise SolutionsAccountant Edition - Home button should be grayed out. If not, select its radio button.
  4. Choose Next
  5. Click Toggle


Second, let's ensure the client's file isn't greater than 200 MB or 200,000 KB. Just press the F2 key or Ctrl+1 to review their file sizes. Then, go to the File Size section in the File Information window. View the screenshot below for your visual reference. 



Third, let's check your internet or Wifi router to confirm if we have a stable connection. This way, you'll be able to open the accountant's copy within 15-20 minutes. 


Once done, you can now make the necessary changes to your client's books, such as correcting prior account balances. After that, you can export the accountant's changes (.QBY) to your client so they can import it to their company file. For the detailed instructions, see Step 3 - 4 through this article: Use An Accountant's Copy Working File


Please know that I'm here anytime you have other concerns. Enjoy the rest of your day, @009

Level 1

Opening an accountants copy

I've checked all of that. I thought about the same issues when this started but couldn't find where the lag was coming from. 


Opening an accountants copy

Thanks for getting back to us and providing an update, @009.


I appreciate your efforts in checking all the necessary things that may cause the latency in opening your accountant's copy.


Since it's taking too much time to open, it'd be best to investigate the root cause of this issue using our extra tools. I'd recommend reaching out to our Desktop Support so they can access your account and check this further.


I want to make sure this gets taken care of. Please leave a comment if you need further assistance. Have a good one.

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