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This message is sooooooooo annoying!  This is a bug in QuickBooks that needs to get fixed.  We've been dealing with this for awhile now and nobody seems to know how to fix it.  When I go into Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet to click on the orders that I have entered and want to send them to the pick/pack, I get these error messages several times, like 10 times for 20 orders.  It says, Looks like another user is working on this sales order.  Try again later."  There is nobody else!  It's so annoying and needs to get fixed.  Anyone?

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Hi @Dytrt 


For Quick Solution.



QuickBooks Team


Look no further, @Dytrt. I've got steps to help you get rid of that error.


Are you using a multi-user network? If so, this error occurs when another user is doing a QuickBooks task that's limited to one user at a time. To fix this, you can start your work as soon as the other user is done. You can also reach out and ask for a heads-up when they're finished.


If the error refers to a specific user, and that user is not doing a task in QuickBooks, let's resolve this using the following steps:

  1. Ask the user that’s referred to the error to close and reopen QuickBooks on their workstation.
  2. Open QuickBooks on another workstation. Then, go to the Company menu and click Users, then View Users.
  3. Have the user that’s referred to in the error sign out of QuickBooks on their workstation.
  4. Go back to the list of users. If the specific user no longer appears signed in, you should be able to do the task without the error. 


Here's the article that will provide info about the process: Fix locked file errors in QuickBooks Desktop.


If the issue persists, I recommend contacting our technical support team. This way, they can investigate the root cause of the issue and provide immediate fix. To do this, you can follow the steps provided by @ romanwilmar12.


I've also added this helpful link where you can browse articles that can guide you with your QuickBooks tasks. To get started head to our QBDT Help articles page


Please let me know in the comment section down below if you have any other concerns about the error. It'll be always my pleasure to lend a helping hand. Have a good one. 

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I'm usually the only person in QuickBooks at the time because I am the only one in the office.  So, that can't be the issue.  In addition, it does not tell me who the user is and yes, I am working in multi-user mode.

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