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Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting

My users somehow keep "inadvertently" turning on Multi-User Hosting in local installations QuickBooks. Problem is, that the files are hosted a hosted server, so when they try to host locally, everything drags down incredibly. Clicking even the File menu takes a couple minutes. Is there any to prevent my users from turning on Multi-User Hosting at all? 

We're in Windows QB Premier Accountant, and Enterprise, and we see it in multiple years of QuickBooks. 

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QuickBooks Team

Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting

Hi there, @CO81611.


I've come to help you. Let's work together to figure out how to avoid QuickBooks Desktop from turning on Multi-user hosting.


To allow QuickBooks Desktop to run, you'll need to manually setup your firewall software.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. If you see the Host Multi-User Access option, ignore it. Move on to the next workstation.
  4. If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is an option, select it.


Please follow the instructions outlined in the following article (scroll-down to Manually configure exceptions and ports to your Firewall): Set up firewall and security settings for QuickBooks Desktop.


If the issue persist, We can try to uninstall the program and make sure no other background system is running when using the CISM app. Here's how to do it:


  1. Open Programs and Features to uninstall software.
  2. On the keyboard, press the Windows logo + R. The Run dialog box opens
  3. Enter appwiz.cpl then click OK. The Program and Features window opens.
  4. Click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  5. Select Uninstall/Change at the top of the window.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to Uninstall/Remove the program.


QBIDPService.exe is also an Intuit software component for QuickBooks. QuickBooks Intuit Data Protect Service (QBIDPService) is an acronym for QuickBooks Intuit Data Protect Service. This is an online backup service that monitors your system for changes and backs up your files to a cloud server on a regular basis.


Please see this link: QuickBooks File Doctor fixes company file and network issues. If you have any other problems with your company file, this will provide you with more information.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you with QuickBooks by leaving a comment below. I'm more than willing to provide a hand. Keep yourself safe!

Level 2

Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting

No, I already know how to turn off hosting once it's been turned on. I want to BLOCK my users from turning that feature on. Ever. Something like a registry edit, or an admin setting that actively prevents them from switching hosting on. 


They keep turning it on, or a file from a client comes in with it on, or something. Mutli-User Hosting keeps getting turned on and I want to prevent that from happening. 


The firewall has already been configured and the QuickBooks Database program is not installed on the users' computers. 

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting

Hey there, @CO81611


Thanks for reaching back out and adding some more clarification about your issue. 


I could see how beneficial it would be for some of your users not to have access to this feature. However, it isn't available at this time. I'll send feedback to our Product Developers so they can consider this in the near future. 


You can always keep up with what's new in the system by using a Blog


Feel free to come back if you have any other concerns. Have a splendid day! 

Level 2

Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting


Level 2

Prevent Users From Turning On Multi-User Hosting

Worth pointing out, that when we install QuickBooks, we're asked if we are going to be using that installation to host. If we say we're not going to host, maybe make that feature disappear. 

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