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Price Rates revert to default price if using the Tab key

Good Day!

Our business found an issue that has been escalated into an investigation - if they deem it important to fix.

Since migrating from desktop to online and loosing the ability to add a markup cost to an estimate or invoice, we have created and started to use the Quickbooks Online option of Price Rates.

When creating an invoice and adding a product, if you select a price rate and use the TAB key to finish completing the line and moving to the next line, the system reverts that updated price on the previous product item back to the default price! This also happens if you TAB through fields while creating an estimate or sales receipt.  HOWEVER, if once you have selected the Price Rate, then move your mouse and click in the next line, it will keep the adjusted price.

A user needs to be aware of this glitch so that an incorrectly priced invoice does not get sent to a customer as it did in our case until we noticed what the system was doing.

After an hour and a half on the phone with the help desk Friday, I was told that this issue would be escalated and I should hear something via email over the weekend. After not receiving any notification, I called first thing this morning and found out that although my trouble called was in the system, nothing had been escalated into an "investigation". Fortunately, through another hour this morning, someone actually helped escalate this issue - but this escalation/investigation needs to be approved as an issue for the powers to be to decide to work on it and create a fix.

If you have experienced this issue and would like to see the TAB key function properly, please submit a Feedback item.  Thank you.

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