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Price rule issue with Customer:Project

I just curiouse if some one else has that issue? When you set price rule and create estimate or incvoice for customer itr does work but when you envolve projects for customer, price ruls stop working for me.




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Price rule issue with Customer:Project

I want to stop this issue from happening to you, BASEflyer. You're in the right place for resolutions.


I have troubleshooting steps that will help you get rid of pricing rules that are not applied in projects of your QuickBooks Online.


Typically, price rules will apply to projects as long as the item or customer is selected in the template. See the sample screenshots below for your reference: 


With this, I'd recommend logging into your account through an incognito window. Encountering this kind of issue in QuickBooks is usually the result of outdated or corrupted cache files in your web browser. By doing this, we can see if it's browser-related.


Use the keyboard shortcuts below: 


  • Ctrl Shift (Google Chrome)
  • Ctrl Shift (Firefox)
  •  Control Option (Safari)
  •  Ctrl + Shift + P (Microsoft Edge)


Once logged in, create a sample project transactions with price rules included to verify if it's already performing adequately. If it works, return to your regular browser and press the CTRL+ Shift and Delete keys on their keyboard to clear the cache.


To learn more about price rules, you can visit this FAQ article: Price Rules FAQs.


I'm always here if you need more help with your transactions. Have a great rest of the day, BASEflyer.

Level 1

Price rule issue with Customer:Project

I tried an incognito window and clean cash as well. It did not help. Still same result.

It works under Customer_Name but it does not work under Customer_Name:Project

QuickBooks Team

Price rule issue with Customer:Project

Thanks for getting back to us here, BASEflyer.


It's possible to have two customers type for one price rule. Since you want it to apply to specific customers, you'll have to click Select individually from the Select customers ▼ dropdown. 


Then add customer A and B for that price rule. Let me show you how:

  1. Go to the Gear⚙️ and then select All Lists.
  2. Select Price Rules.
  3. Select Create a rule.
  4. Give your rule a name.
  5. Under Customer choose Select individually.
  6. Add your customer.
  7. Enter the necessary details.
  8. Click Save or Save and close.

There are several ways you can customize price rules, and we've listed them in this article: Set Price Rules in QuickBooks Online.


If the issue persist, you can always reach out to our support team. They're open from Monday to Friday, in between 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. They're also open every Saturday, from 6 AM to 3 PM PT. Here's an article for more details: QuickBooks Online Support.


Additionally, I've included an article about adding a discount to your customer. This helps you ensure all the transactions are recorded accurately in QuickBooks: Add a Discount To an Invoice or Sales Receipt.


We're always here in the Community to help if you have other questions or concerns in managing price rules. Stay safe.

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