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Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Trying to print barcode labels but our Avery template does not show up as an option when printing.  We use QB Enterprise on a Remote Desktop and have TSPrint installed (this allows us to print from our MacBook while in the Remote Desktop).  The Avery label option does not appear on the QB print box and does not appear when we are rolled over to MacBook print (rolled over due to us using Remote Desktop on a MacBook).  

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QuickBooks Team

Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Hello, @melainag.


Let's ensure you'll be able to print barcode labels successfully.


We currently don't receive any ongoing investigation about printing barcode labels in QuickBooks Desktop. To isolate the issue you're having, we can start updating your QuickBooks to the latest release. This helps keep your software up-to-date and has the latest features and fixes. Then try re-printing barcode labels again. If the template still doesn't exist, we can proceed with verifying and rebuilding your QuickBooks data. This process self-identifies the most commonly known data issues within a company file and self-resolves most data integrity issues.  For the detailed instructions, check out the steps provided from this article: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


Once completed, print the barcode labels by following these steps:


  1. Select Print Forms from the File menu, then tap on Labels.
  2. Click on Item Barcodes, then hit OK.
  3. Choose the desired template or label format under the Print Labels window.
  4. Tap Print or Preview.


If you're getting the same error, I encourage following the steps instructions laid out from this link for additional troubleshooting steps: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


Our help articles also contain information that will serve as your references while working with QuickBooks in the future. You can read the topics from here as your guides.


Feel free to add a comment below if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. Have a great day, @melainag!

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Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Thank you for your help!  I tried rebuilding and verifying data and I am still having an issue with labels.  When I go to File Printer Setup and select Labels, I see Avery 5260.  But when I actually try to print labels, it does not give me Avery 5260 as an option on that screen.  This little hang up has prevented us from being able to print barcodes for our inventory items.  

QuickBooks Team

Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Thanks for getting back here, melainag.


Doing the Verify and Rebuild Data repairs your company file. Since you're unable to see the Avery 5260 option when printing the labels, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team via chat or call. They can pull up your account and investigate what's causing this behavior.


Before doing so, please check out our support hours here. Then, follow these steps:


  1. In your QuickBooks Desktop program, go to Help QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. In the Have a Question window, click the Contact Us link at the bottom.
  3. From the Contact Us page, select any topics.
  4. Under Here's how to connect with a QuickBooks expert section, click the Get Phone Number button.

Please keep me posted on how it goes. I'll be around if you have other questions for QuickBooks. Thanks.

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Printing barcode labels on Avery template

same problem , but then won't recogmize the scans from the report print option  as item names and keeps prompting to make news items and reading in as aqscii jibberish inconsitently as well


Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Hi @ProsPay,


Welcome to the Community. I'm here to help you fix the print problem related to barcode labels in QuickBooks Desktop.


The steps suggested by my colleague above should help fix issues with the barcode labels. If the problem persists, you can perform some additional troubleshooting for the printing.


You can start by downloading the recent version of our QuickBooks Tool Hub. This software allows you to run the QuickBooks Print & Print Repair Tool and resolve common errors in the program.


Here's how:


  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Download the most recent version ( of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  3. Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub. ToolHubIcon_QBDT_US_Ext_051320.jpg
  6. In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select Program Problems.
  7. Select QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool.
  8. Check if you can print without any problem from QuickBooks Desktop again.


In case all else fails, you'll need to contact our QuickBooks Support Team. One of them will be able to further assist you by providing additional troubleshooting.


Our Customer Support Team is available from 6 AM - 6 PM PT (Monday - Friday). Please follow these steps:


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click the Help tab at the top menu bar, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Press Contact Us.
  4. Enter your concern, then hit Continue.
  5. Choose Get a callback


You can also check this article for some tips about printing issues, like renaming the QBPrint file and how to review the program Print Setup: Resolve printing issues.


Fill me in if you have more questions about printing data in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help. Take care always.

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Printing barcode labels on Avery template

The Avery labels that I need to print bar codes is Avery 61501.  This is not an option in the Label Format area. How can we add this as a selection?  Is it possible?  the ones listed are too small for our inventory and these labels are chemical and abrasion resistant

QuickBooks Team

Printing barcode labels on Avery template

Good day, Eckfab!


QuickBooks Desktop allows you to select different label formats in printing the barcode labels. However, the Avery 61501 isn't one of them.


Currently, only those listed on the Print Labels window are available and supported. You'll want to visit our QuickBooks Desktop App Store to search for a third-party application that you can integrate, and that can generate and print barcode labels on Avery 61501.


Also, you'll want to check this link for the detailed steps on how to set up the barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop: Set up and use barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop.


Leave a comment again here if you need more help in printing documents. Take care!

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