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QB Desktop Enterprise 20.0 R7

All of a sudden when I was working in my file, it "disconnected" which happens from time to time, is annoying but workable. This time however, the file would not re-load.  I have spend countless hours (20+) troubleshooting this problem. I have a backup from a month ago - can not restore backup on my desktop computer.  As a lark, tried to restore the backup from my laptop and it loads fine (laptop will not load the current working file). Made a current backup of that file from the laptop and tried to restore on the desktop - will not work.  The ONLY difference is that laptop is still running R6_80 version and desktop is running R7.  SOMETHING IN R7 HAS CAUSED CORRUPTION.  INTUIT PLEASE LISTEN!!! Now, I'm waiting "6-10 days" for my file to be "fixed" buy Data Services - during which time, I'm dead in the water and have PAYROLL to do.  Meanwhile, tech support will not listen to the fact that the problem lies in the R7 release!!!!!

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QuickBooks Team

QB Desktop Enterprise 20.0 R7

Hi there, @ g8rcpa


I want you to know that helping you is our priority. It seems that we need to check your data services status. It may be damaged, that's why you're unable to create a backup. 


I recommend contacting our Customer Support Team again, as they have the tools to pull up your account in a secure environment. The option to call is available during their office hours: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM PT Monday-Friday. 


Here's how:

1. Open QuickBooks Company File.

2. Click the Help menu and choose QuickBooks Desktop Help (F1).

3. Select Contact Us.

4. Type your concern, and click Search

5. Choose an option on how you want to connect with our support. 



Please take note that it may take a few minutes to connect with our agents as we are receiving a high volume of calls and messages. 



Please let me know how it goes by clicking the Reply button. I want to make sure that this has been taken care of. Keep safe always.

Level 2

QB Desktop Enterprise 20.0 R7

First of all, you didn't actually read my problem. I AM able to create a backup in the R6 program on my laptop.  I cannot RESTORE the backup in the R7 release on my desktop.  


Intuit Level 4 tech support contacted me yesterday and spent all day logged into my computer - and I still do not have resolution.  Data Services has my file, which I sent to them last week, and nobody bothered to touch until I called and demanded service yesterday, and it was "supposedly" escalated. I received an e-mail last night that it was finally assigned to a technician.


As a Pro-Advisor for more than 10 years, I continually see the decline of customer service in Quickbooks.  Perhaps it is time for me to leave and find a new solution for me and my clients.  This may very well be the final straw.

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