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Level 2

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

I have several clients with connected QBO Apps that they subscribed to directly. I can see what app(s) they have from the Apps tab of my client list, but when I'm in a client there is no access to those apps. Is there a way to change that so that I can access a client's app from inside QBO (i.e. Run by ADP) or do I need to access that app's data outside of QBO (for instance with my ADP Accountant's Connect)?

Level 9

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Only the Master Admin can control the connected QBO Apps.

And only the user who installed the Apps in QBO can uninstall them.

Level 2

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Thank you for the reply. As the attached accountant user I'm just trying to find out if I am allowed to access or can be granted access to the app...

Level 2

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Thank you for the reply. As the client's Accountant User on the data, I'm just trying to determine if I as the Accountant have access to or can be granted access to a client's Apps. I have not be able to find a way to do so...

QuickBooks Team

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Thanks for getting back to the QuickBooks Community, @rfinercpa.


Allow me to step in and help provide some additional information about the user access in QuickBooks Online application.


It depends on the Master or Company admin of the company file on how they set up access to a user. You can ask their permission to grant you with all access rights so you'll be able to navigate your client's app.


For additional reference, you can check this article to learn more about the user access: Understanding user types and permissions


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have additional questions about the user access. I'll be around to help you out. 

Level 2

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps


In my clients account in the Overview, I can see that they have Transaction Pro. Can I access it? 

Where can I see who added it? Thank you.


QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Good day, vgotha.


For now, QuickBooks Online doesn't have the ability to see who added the Transaction Pro application.


There are different levels of access for QuickBooks users. If you're a standard user and set to access everything in QuickBooks, then you'll be able to open the app.


You can get more details about the user types in QuickBooks Online in the following articles:


Should you need more help with QuickBooks, please let me know. I'll be around to help.

Level 2

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

I  am an accountant user on a client's file. I can see the Transaction Pro app. I cannot open it. when I click on the app,  I get information on the right side panel that opens. see two attachments. 


QuickBooks Team

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Thanks for clarifying that out for me, @vgotha.


Once you have accountant access in QuickBooks Online, you should be able to open the applications that are associated with your account.


To verify why you're unable to do so, I recommend getting in touch with the Transaction Pro App Team. They have the tools to check on this behavior and help identify the root cause of this issue.


For more details on how you can access and use the apps in QuickBooks, please see this link: Install and use apps.


You can always get back to me if there's anything else you need. I'm up for further assistance. Wishing you and your business continued success!

Level 1

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Hello - I learned about the new Amazon Business app on the webinar yesterday.  The complication in getting it activated was not addressed at all in the presentation.  I am a bookkeeper with several clients set up through my QBO accountant.  If I am set up as the master admin there is still a conflict with activating my clients apps, I assume because I am also tagged as the accountant, even though I am not.  Is that because the client accounts run through my QBO?

I would like to know how to best go about setting up the app for my client, who never works in his QBO files.  Do I need to make them go in set it up or have to use his passwords (including having to be the primary admin in Amazon as well to activate).  This is all very awkward.  

Excited to try out the new app but not sure how to move forward in a professional manner if I have to ask my client to help with the set up.

QuickBooks Team

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Hi there, @LG60.


You can give access to your client by adding them as a user in QuickBooks Online. The company admin can see and do everything except editing or removing the master's admin's access.


Here's how:


Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Gear icon. Then, select Account and Settings.
  2. Select Manage Users.
  3. Click the Add user button.
  4. Select the Company admin as the user type.
  5. Fill in your admin's contact info and click Save.


After saving, this is how your user list looks like. Status should be Invited. Once the added user accepts the invite, the status will be changed to Active.


For further guidance with the process, consider checking out this article: Add, delete, or change user access.


Just in case, I'll add this article for future reference: Learn about user types in QuickBooks Online.


Please leave a comment below if you have any other issues or concerns, and I'll get back to you right away. I'll be here to help. 

Level 3

QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

I have accountant access and I am Master Admin for a client's account.  Apps were probably added while using client login, not my login.  I can see them in my practice, Apps - Client Apps.  I can't see them when in client account (my login) and I can't access the settings.  I am Master Admin for this client.


Sync with Square isn't importing and sent her an email saying to make a change on the app settings (sales tax code for someone who doesn't collect sales tax, service only business, sigh).


I was asked to take care of it, but I can't access her Apps settings.  Really umhelpful, since I was the one that set up the apps in the first place, while the client was logged in, being master admin really should give me access to apps settings.




QBO Accountant & Client's Apps

Hi there, TaxCatSC.


In QuickBooks Online, the client and accountant access are two different interfaces. 


You can view the apps added using the client access. If you are logging in as QuickBooks Accountant, then that is the reason why you cannot see the apps. But if your level of access in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is Full, then you can manage the apps for clients. See this resource to know about the level of access within QBOA: Different levels of access for firm users.


However, if you are the master admin of the client's account, I recommend, opening their company under QuickBooks companies section and not in the QuickBooks Accountant. So you can make changes in the app settings. 


For additional reference, you may find this link helpful: QuickBooks Online Accountant Firm Access FAQs.


If there's anything else, I can do for you in managing QuickBooks account, feel free to post in the Community again. I'd be more than happy to answer it for you. Have a nice day.

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