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Quickbooks API Keys

We have an internal CRM that uses QuickBooks API and it's NOT PUBLICLY AVAILABLE to anyone except 3 people. We strictly only use it to create invoices every 1st,10th,15th,20th and nothing else. Then today we are denied access to the API again even though our refresh tokens are still valid. This already happened back in February, we were shut down because of a new Platform Requirements which I happily filled out and then upon submission, were denied without a reason and CANNOT resubmit the form. Then later that day it was fixed as you said it was cause of an outage affecting US clients.


Today, it probably ran for a few hours and stopped working. I visited the Dashboard to get a new Refresh tokens and still cannot proceed cause it says NOT APPROVED.

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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks API Keys

Thank you for posting here in the Community today, angel4.

I can see how important for your business to get your CRM and QuickBooks API working smoothly. This allows you to create invoices at any time. Let me share some information on how to get your app up and running.

When an application does not meet our criteria and is not approved, you’ll be given out required changes or open a support ticket to check why it’s rejected. Please note that the email you receive on completion will also contain a link to a survey where you can provide feedback on the questionnaire. Then we’ll also review all feedback.

Here’s an article that provides more in-depth information about the new app and compliance process: Intuit Developer FAQ.

I’m also adding a link where you can access our self-help articles: QuickBooks Online (QBO) guide. These resources will help you efficiently handle your taxes, payroll, customer or suppliers transactions, and other accounting processes.

Keep me posted if you have other customer-related concerns. I’ll jump right back in to assist further. Have a good one.

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Quickbooks API Keys

Hi thank you for your prompt response, I didn't get any email or anything and I don't see any solution in your reply at all. I don't care if I have to redo the app assessment form. You don't realize how important this is for our business. The problem is, I can't redo the assessment form and you leave me no option. After the app assessment, I've got a NOT APPROVED text and it only let me open a support ticket.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks API Keys

Hello again, @angel4. I'll point you in the right direction to address this concern right away.


I suggest contacting our Intuit Developer support. They are the experts when it comes to integrating applications or any API concerns.


 Here's how:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Online under What do you need help with?
  3. Click Ask a Question.
  4. Log into your existing Intuit Developer Account or create a new one.
  5. Enter your concern.
  6. Click Ask.


Additionally, if you have invoices that recur on a regular schedule, you can create a recurring template to record them for you.


I'll be right here if you need more help with anything concerning QuickBooks. Have a great day.

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