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QuickBooks Data Fields Turn Black

We have a user who's QuickBooks started doing weird stuff, a couple times a day all the fields go black (see attached) Any idea what we could do to fix?

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QuickBooks Data Fields Turn Black

I'm happy to help you to restore the old view or color of your QuickBooks, @Skeptic. Thus, you can work on your business file comfortably again.


I'll ensure that the color you are accustomed to on your account comes back to you in a short time.


It looks like your user has changed the font schemes on your QuickBooks Desktop. That's why the other field becomes black and maroon. 


Here's how: 

  1. Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences
  2. Select Desktop View, then My Preferences
  3. Pick Default in the Company file color scheme
  4. Click OK


If the issue continues, let's repair the account. You may click the article provided by Rustler above. 

There's a possibility that the dark mode feature is turned on if you're using Mac. To turn this off, check out this link: Dark Mode in QuickBooks Desktop.


Further, check out these articles on how to repair screen issues and modify other QuickBooks settings: 



Do you have questions about other processes? Add them to your reply, and I'll assist you. Be safe always, Skeptic.

Level 2

QuickBooks Data Fields Turn Black

Thanks, I'll see what this does..

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