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Quickbooks Enterprise Edition (US) vs. Quickbooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK)

Dear All,


Question related to the 2 versions please. Aside from the obvious matters I have researched like different terminologies, both are different products and that their respective files cannot be opened straightforwardly.


We are currently subscribed to Enterprise Edition (US) with 8 user licenses for quite a few years now, however with our company is has now a branch in the UK and for HMRC or tax purposes, we are leaning on shifting to Premiere Accountant Edition. Knowing that the Enterprise Edition is the international version, Premiere Accountant Edition is the highest Quickbooks that is leaning with UK - however, we are hesitant to shift as it might not be at par with our current version.


I also learned that you need a third party intervention to convert the existing file in order to be usable to the other - however, we are okay with having to start with a new file and just migrating the year end balance.


I'd appreciate if someone can enumerate comparison who has experience with both softwares. I can't seem to find a comparative sheet online.


Thank you.



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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Enterprise Edition (US) vs. Quickbooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK)

Hi there, @Ecoboy101


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I am here to share some information between the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition (US) Vs. QuickBooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK). 


QuickBooks Enterprise (US), best for businesses with extensive inventory needs. QuickBooks Enterprise is the top of the line QuickBooks Desktop product. It is for businesses with complicated inventory needs such as tracking inventory at multiple locations and using bar scanning technology. With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can have up to 30 users, making this the best option for mid- to large-sized companies. 


QuickBooks Premier (UK), offers industry-specific tools and reports for five industries: Manufacturing and wholesale, retail, professional services, contractors, and nonprofit. QuickBooks Premier can also be configured using a general business option if you don’t need these industry-specific features. These industry-specific versions include a customized chart of accounts list, products and services lists, and reports that you won’t find in QuickBooks Pro. 


However, for more questions about the program, please reach out to the support team for the version you've chosen.   


I'll leave you links below so you can check out QuickBooks Desktop  Premier and Enterprise. Scroll down the pages to learn more about the products and to see pricing options. 



That's it. Please let me know by clicking the Reply button if you have more questions about the program. We are always here to help you out. Take care and wishing you the best!

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Quickbooks Enterprise Edition (US) vs. Quickbooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK)

Hi @AileneA 


Thank you for the reply. So are we looking at Premiere Accountant Edition the same as Enterprise Edition Silver?


So in line with this, does the Premiere Accountant Edition available with webhosting? We are currently subscribed to QB Online Plus and it doesn't have the "Item Receipt" feature which is somehow important to us.


Thank you.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks Enterprise Edition (US) vs. Quickbooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK)


How many company file do you have? If you have only 1 company file, QB Premier UK version is enough. You may purchase QB Premier Accountant for 10 users but the system only allows up to 5 users working on the same file at the same time. 


Quickbooks Enterprise Edition (US) vs. Quickbooks Premiere Accountant Edition (UK)

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @Ecoboy101.


Let me provide additional information about your web hosting concern in QuickBooks Desktop.


To answer your question, yes, QuickBooks Accountant Desktop supports hosting just like the other Desktop versions. It allows you to use the program securely, anywhere, and anytime.


Additionally, here are some helpful references that you can check out about hosting the program:


I appreciate you for taking the time to visit us here today, and I look forward to your response.

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