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QuickBooks Online Advance Invoice Reminders

Customers are receiving Invoice Reminders on Past Due Invoices and I would like to turn off this feature. I have done the following with no success.

*Go to Account and Settings - Sales - Reminders - There is no button to select "Send Invoice Reminders". The screen only shows -- Set up invoice reminder emails - Option "Use greeting" selected; Option "Email me a copy at....." unselected. My only option on this screen was to unselect "Use greeting". I unselected the option and invoice reminders continue to be sent out.

* Go to Manage Workflows - Create Workflow - Payment due reminder - Select Create. Cursor is a Red Circle (General No Sign) I'm not able to make any changes to the screen. 


What is my next option? Customers do not appreciate receiving these reminders when payment arrangements have been negotiated.


QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Advance Invoice Reminders

The first set of steps you mentioned is only for editing or setting up email messages for sales transactions, Medickinson. 


This is why it's still sending out the reminder even if the Use greeting box is unchecked. Turning off the payment reminder is actually done in the Workflow section. Here's how:


  1. Go back to the Workflow window.
  2. Proceed to the My Workflows tab.
  3. Look for the payment reminder that you want to turn off.
  4. Click the drop-down list beside Edit, then select Disable.
  5. Click Disable to confirm.

If you can't still see that option, a possible browser issue might have prevented you from turning it off. 


If that's the case, use an incognito or private browsing session when logging in to your account. Use these keyboard shortcuts to open an incognito window:


  • Ctrl Shift N  for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift P  for Firefox
  • Control Option +if you're using Safari


Once logged back in, follow the same steps that I've shared above and check if you're able to turn it off. Then, make sure to go back to the regular browsing session and delete your browser's cache and cookies. Let me share this article as a guide: Clear Cache And Cookies To Fix Issues When Using QuickBooks Online.


Keep me posted if you still need more help with this. The Community is always here to provide our assistance once again. 



Level 1

QuickBooks Online Advance Invoice Reminders

Tried this solution. Payment Due Reminders is not set-up in Workflows even after changing to Google Incognito.

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Advance Invoice Reminders

Hi there, @ Medickinson.


Let’s check your account if it’s the only plan you have in QuickBooks. Once done, I suggest to reach our customer support team to check your account in a secure environment. This way, they can verify and further investigate this issue.


Here’s how to reach them: 


  1. Click the Help icon in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Select Contact US on the pop-up. 
  3. Enter what you're needing assistance with in the What can we help with? field and choose Let's talk
  4. Select how you want to reach out to our support team: Start messaging or Get a callback.


You can also refer to the Support hours and types link to contact us at a time convenient to you.


Let me know if you have other concerns or questions while working with bank transactions in QuickBooks. I'm always around to help.


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